The Red Ribbon Fun Pack brings snack time and playtime together!


Looking for a way to make your kid’s snack time more fun? Or a happy little surprise to put in their lunch box? Red Ribbon has got you covered with the Red Ribbon Fun Pack! 

While snacking on Red Ribbon’s delicious pastries and breads, your kids will surely enjoy building and playing with a Barbie or Hot Wheels 3D puzzle that comes with every Red Ribbon Fun Pack! 

The Red Ribbon Fun Pack comes in a 5-piece or 4-piece assortment of Red Ribbon's delicious breads and pastries - Butter Mamon, Cheesy Ensaimada, and Cake Slices. Each Red Ribbon Fun Pack comes with 1 sheet of Barbie or Hot Wheels 3D puzzle, available in 6 collectible designs. 

Playtime can be pretty and pink with the Red Ribbon Fun Pack’s Barbie 3D puzzles that come in 3 collectible designs: Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie Fantasy, and Happy Vibes. All designs include a pretty Barbie paper doll with different candy-colored backgrounds and accessories. Start an exciting race adventure with your little ones by assembling the Hot Wheels 3D Puzzle race cars that also come in 3 exciting car designs: Rodger Dodger, Twin Mill, and Muscle Bound.

Bring snack time and playtime together with the Red Ribbon Fun Pack and don’t miss out on these fun Barbie and Hot Wheels 3D Puzzle collectibles! The Red Ribbon Fun Pack will only be available for a limited time, from August 4 to October 3, 2022. Price starts at P128 per pack.

Get the Red Ribbon Fun Pack and your other Red Ribbon products by visiting the Red Ribbon Bakeshop store near you; go to the delivery website (; call the delivery hotline #87777; download the Red Ribbon app (available for Android and iOS) or via delivery apps Foodpanda and GrabFood.