When to Consider Selling Your Car

It can be hard to determine when to consider selling your car. But hanging on to an old one can cost more. So you might want to turn it in when it no longer serves you a purpose.

You Find Some Rusting

Rust is like a sickness that affects cars. Over time, it happens because rain and air make the metals rust. Rust is bad in a lot of ways. But the main one is that it wears down and breaks down the parts of your car. And this makes it very risky to drive your car. If you find rust on your car early, you can have it fixed. But if it has rust problems, you might be better off taking it to the car wreckers. You might get a good deal from a dealer, but only if you buy a rare car.

It Becomes Expensive

Costs of living are going up. And many people have to make hard choices about how to live. Getting rid of their car is one of these things. Gas, insurance, and car maintenance are all more expensive than they have ever been. Even though prices have been going up for years, pay has stayed pretty much the same. This means that you might not have enough money to keep your car running, and the cheaper option is to take public transportation or even take up cycling.

Consider Selling Your Car After a Crash

One of the main reasons people get rid of their cars is because they have been in an accident. After a crash, a car is often too damaged to drive, but it doesn’t have to be all bad news:

  • More often than not, buying a new one is cheaper than fixing it, so you will save money.
  • Even damaged cars are still worth some money, even if it’s just for the metals. 
  • Your car will be taken to junk yards, and trustworthy ones will give you a fair price. 

You can get a good price based on what can still be used. But there is also a good market for vintage or rare cars, so enquire as to what you can get if your car is somewhat desirable.

You Don’t Use it as Much

Not everyone has a car, and sometimes the one they have isn't even useful. Only in the United States do 80% of the people have access to a car. And the same is true all over the world. Still, just because you own a car doesn't mean you use it. Sometimes the cost of keeping it doesn't make it worth it. If you can walk or ride a bike to work, live close to where you shop, and don't take many road trips, you might want to sell your car since it could cost more if you don’t use it.

A New Model is Coming

As with most things, car companies like to make new versions of their cars to keep making money. And it's not unusual for car owners to keep getting the same newer model of a car they like to drive, kind of like how you get a new Xbox every few years. So, if you know a new model is coming out, you might want to quickly sell your current car to get some extra money to put toward the new one. If you bring it in for a new one, the dealer might also give you a discount.


You might consider selling your car when it’s necessary. This includes finding rust on the body, irreparable damage and trading it in for a new model with better features.