Keep your smile bright and healthy by brushing up on good oral habit

Amway Glister

Glister advocates an effective Total Oral Care System that’s designed to clean teeth, freshen breath, and keep gums healthy.

From expressing ourselves to enjoying every delicious meal, we’ve got our mouth and teeth to thank but often take for granted. With how much wear and tear our teeth suffer, it isn’t surprising that they’re constantly exposed to factors that can help cause cavities, gum issues and even tooth loss. 

Glister™, the popular dental care brand of entrepreneur-led health and wellness company Amway, makes a case for giving our teeth more attention, especially now that the Department of Health has revealed that at least 73 million Filipinos suffer from tooth decay. 

General Dentistry & Orthodontics Dr. Anna May Carina, in fact, points out that certain foods and drinks that we usually enjoy today like soda, ice cream, cakes, and other sweet cravings take a toll on our oral health. 

Dr. Anna May Carina

“When we consume too much of these foods and drinks, we’re not really helping our saliva do its job of clearing food debris away and neutralizing acids. They stick to your teeth for a longer time that only creates an oral environment where bacteria can thrive, increasing your risk of developing plaque, which can eventually strip your tooth’s protective enamel,” states Dr. Carina. “While we cannot completely remove all these foods and drinks from our lives, we can counter their impact on our dental health by diligently observing good oral hygiene.” 

The dental care expert points out that the solutions are something people already know about but tend to take for granted. She underlines that brushing our teeth twice a day is the standard as this will help destroy or remove harmful bacteria inside the mouth and prevent tartar buildup before it hardens into position. 

“This is something we all know, yet many brush their teeth without intention. If you really want to keep your teeth strong, brush them for at least two minutes each time and gently move the brush back and forth in short strokes. Make sure to brush the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of the teeth,” reminds Dr. Carina. 

She also recommends using a soft-bristled brush that should be replaced after three or four months or when bristles are visibly worn out. Another thing to consider: toothpaste with just the right amount of fluoride. “Fluoride can give the teeth extra protection against decay. It doesn’t only prevent cavities; it can even reverse mild tooth damage. To get the full benefits of fluoride in your toothpaste, avoid rinsing your mouth immediately after brushing. Just spit out any excess toothpaste,” suggests Dr. Carina.

The expert then highlights another step that should be in everyone’s daily routine, flossing, which can remove the plaque below the gumline, reduce the risk of cavities, and prevent gingivitis. 

“Flossing daily is something that a lot of people often overlook. It has a specific goal that brushing alone won’t achieve. It’s meant to remove the accumulation of plaque between the teeth and underneath the gums, where germs thrive,” emphasizes Dr. Carina. “If you bleed whenever you floss, this may be a sign of gingivitis, but keep at it. If your gingivitis is mild, flossing can help manage and reduce this over time.” 

To help rinse food debris after flossing, the dentist recommends using a mouthwash. “Some think using mouthwash is unnecessary, but it does help reduce the number of harmful bacteria inside the mouth, which is essential in reducing plaque and even gum inflammation and infections. You can also use it at another time of the day, perhaps in the middle of the day to quickly freshen your breath,” notes Dr. Carina. 

To support all the dentist-recommended ways of keeping our smiles healthy and bright, Glister advocates an effective Total Oral Care System that’s designed to clean teeth, freshen breath, and keep gums healthy with its plant-based dental solutions infused with traceable Nutrilite™-grown peppermint: Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste for gently and effectively removing plaque and preventing cavities, Glister Multi-Action Dental Floss that’s especially designed to remove plaque in between teeth while also gently stimulating the gums, and Glister Multi-Action Concentrated Oral Rinse that can help kill gingivitis and bad breath-causing bacteria. 

The brand also offers other solutions that support this system like the Glister Multi-Action Toothbrush that’s engineered to clean hard-to-reach areas and the Glister Mint Refresher Spray for long-lasting fresh breath while on the go. 

Apart from maintaining appearance, good oral health can also be linked to overall health, as it is the gateway to a healthy body. Smile confidently and start boosting your daily oral hygiene with scientifically designed and clinically-supported Glister. 

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