Maya Empowers SMEs with All-in-One Digital Banking


Maya Business 1-2-3 Grow Bundle

Maya, the country's fintech game-changer with the undisputed # 1 Digital Bank and #1 Omni-Channel Payment Processor, is revolutionizing how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can thrive in the new economy with the Maya Business 1-2-3 Grow Bundle. 

This all-in-one package integrates payments, business deposits, and credit solutions to help SMEs supercharge their profits and accelerate business growth through three essential components: 

Payments: Accept all QR payments with one QRPh code (including Gcash, GrabPay, ShopeePay, BDO, BPI, among others) and enjoy a 1% discount on your MDR (Merchant discount rate) for three months. This results in cost-savings of P4,600 for every P1 million worth of sales for your business. 

Business Deposit: Open a Maya Business Deposit account and earn 2.5% p.a. interest, 20-25 times higher than other banks. 

Maya Flexi Loan: Get a loan offer of up to PHP 2 million in just 3 months after using Maya as your primary processor for all your wallet and card transactions. No collateral needed.

"Maya is already the payments backbone of the Philippines and trusted to power payments of businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are extending our support even further by bringing all-in-one digital banking to SMEs because they are underserved by traditional banks. Our seamless Maya Flexi Loan experience makes it easy for a small business to secure credit that will help them take advantage of growth opportunities – without ever having to set foot in a bank branch," said Shailesh Baidwan, Maya Group President and Maya Bank Co-Founder. 

Revolutionizing SME Banking in the Philippines 

Maya's all-in-one financial services under the Maya Business Manager dashboard provide a seamless experience. Entrepreneurs can easily manage online payments, accept card and QR Ph in-store, streamline payouts, and more. 

"We aim to revolutionize SME Banking in the country. With our simplified all-in-one approach, we will empower our SMEs to focus on growing their business instead of managing the hassles of multiple financial partners” explained Richard Labitag, Head of SME Business at Maya. 

SMEs can take advantage of the Maya Business 1-2-3 Grow Bundle in just three simple steps: 

1. Create a free account at

2. Submit the requirements and apply for a Business Deposit as a settlement account on the Business Manager dashboard. 

3. Once approved, use Maya's payment solutions for at least three months to qualify for a Flexi Loan. 

Growth partner for SMEs 

Despite the rise of digital payments, cash still reigns supreme for SMEs. According to a 2021 market study commissioned by Maya, 94% of SME transactions were conducted in hard cash. This reliance on cash limits their digital and financial footprint, restricting their access to advanced banking services like credit. 

To tackle this challenge, Maya takes a groundbreaking step as the first bank in the Philippines to seamlessly utilize alternative payment data for pre-approving SME loans. SMEs can now access credit by merely using Maya for their payments and daily business transactions. 

Additionally, Maya actively drives the adoption of QR Ph, the country's QR payment standard, aiding SMEs in expanding their transaction footprint. Furthermore, by linking SMEs to its extensive consumer network, Maya offers access to a growing high-value market that favors digital payments. 

Maya is the #1 Fintech Ecosystem in the Philippines with Maya, the #1 Digital Bank, and Maya Business the #1 Omni-Channel Payment Processor. 

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