G-SHOCK Celebrates 40th Anniversary with SHOCK THE WORLD Southeast Asia Celebration

G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary

From founder to innovator, weaving through a legacy of timeless designs to cutting-edge technologies, G-SHOCK's 40th Anniversary sets out to resonate across generations in the SHOCK THE WORLD Celebration

In an extraordinary milestone, G-SHOCK, celebrated for its robust and stylish timepieces, marks four decades of unwavering toughness. This 40th-anniversary celebration throughout the year, culminating in the grand event "SHOCK THE WORLD," not only honors G-SHOCK's unparalleled legacy but also underscores the brand's evolution, staying true to its core values of resilience and cutting-edge design.

40 Years of Leadership in Toughness 

The 40th-anniversary celebration unveils the brand's evolution with campaigns such as "That's Tough," an exploration of the new brand concept redefining 'Toughness.' G-SHOCK recognizes the subjective and personal nature of toughness for each individual, reflecting on its journey of innovation and resilience.

A global phenomenon event, spanning Southeast Asia with a Rooted in Toughness Pop-Up Tour that reached Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, showcases iconic G-SHOCK timepieces that have left an indelible mark on the world, alongside the continuous effort that has propelled the brand to new heights.

As part of commemorating 40 years, G-SHOCK presents the 'Dear Younger Me' campaign, featuring Kikuo IBE, the Father and Founder of G-SHOCK. In a heartwarming video, IBE recounts his journey and the challenges he faced while creating the first-ever G-SHOCK watch. The campaign inspires users to reflect on what 'Tough' means to them, emphasizing resilience and determination.

To complement the celebration, G-SHOCK launched special anniversary models, including the GCW-B5000UN, a carbon edition watch, which inherits the iconic form of the very first G-SHOCK that employs carbon materials to achieve both high strength and reduced weight. And an exclusive G-D001, an 18K Gold model as part of the Dream Project #2, developed in collaboration with CASIO's R&D team and AI assistance. This unique timepiece symbolizes G-SHOCK's commitment to breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of innovation.

(left) Dream Project #2: G-D001, G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition (right)


SHOCK THE WORLD (STW) is a jubilant celebration organized by G-SHOCK every five years, dedicated to commemorating the brand's rich history, innovations, and enduring legacy. This year’s event brings together G-SHOCK enthusiasts, influencers, and iconic timepieces to revel in the brand's journey.


G-SHOCK's 40th-anniversary celebration ends with a bang with the celebration of the year, “SHOCK THE WORLD” in Bali on the 2nd of December 2023. 

Fans can join the celebration by tuning in to an exclusive performance by 88rising artists, NIKI & Warren Hue (refer to Appendix 1 for artist profiles), on G-SHOCK’s website, exclusively just for CASIO ID members. Registration opens on 2nd December 2023, Saturday, 11:00 SGT and access will be available from 4 December 2023, Monday 11:00 SGT. 

On top of that, for their 40th Anniversary, G-SHOCK has created special offers coming in December. Stay tuned for more information and refer to G-SHOCK’s website and socials for the formal announcement. 

The G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary celebrations are not just a reflection on the past but a testament to the brand's enduring spirit of toughness, innovation, and resilience. As G-SHOCK continues to redefine 'Toughness,' the future promises even greater milestones.

For more information on SHOCK THE WORLD, visit https://gshock.casio.com/ph/40th/event/shock-the-world-sea/ on 2nd Dec. 

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