foodpanda Rewind 2023: Top Orders Unveiled

foodpanda Rewind 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of online food and grocery delivery, foodpanda emerged as the unrivaled companion throughout 2023. As we embrace the dawn of a new year, it's time to unravel the culinary tapestry by exploring the top trends based on the collective preferences of app users.

Diverse Cravings Beyond Delivery

In the words of Patricia Jacinto, foodpanda Philippines Growth and Marketing Director, "In 2023, we saw many more customers try our services outside food delivery, through groceries, pickup, and even parcel delivery." This indicates a shift in consumer behavior, showcasing foodpanda's adaptability to diverse needs.

Burger Domination Continues

Despite the dynamic culinary landscape, burgers maintained their undisputed reign as the top choice for both delivery and pick-up orders. Fast food emerged as a force to be reckoned with, dominating the most-ordered cuisine on the app, closely followed by Filipino dishes and western favorites like chicken and pizza.

Jacinto noted, "Burgers have always been among foodpanda’s top orders over the years. It seems that our app users love to order what they can eat on-the-go and the taste they are familiar with, whether it’s for delivery or pick-up."Grocery Essentials Taking the Lead: In the realm of groceries, bread and liquor emerged as the stars of the show. Bread, the unsung hero of every kitchen, secured the top spot for pandamart, ensuring that carb cravings are never left unattended. In foodpanda Shops, liquor claimed its throne, suggesting that users are adept at raising a glass to joyous occasions.

Jacinto highlighted, "The order basket of our app users is very diverse which is evident in the top grocery items. But it only goes to show that the foodpanda app has everything our customers want and need – from pantry essentials like bread to seasonal items like liquor."

Voucher Extravaganza

As if the culinary delights weren't enticing enough, foodpanda users reveled in a voucher extravaganza. The top three voucher rockstars – EATNA, FPASKO, and MERIENDA – emerged as knights in shining armor, satisfying cravings while saving the day.

Digital Payments Take Center Stage

In a world where cash often takes the crown, foodpanda users rewrote the rules with a surge in digital payments. The introduction of the pandapay e-wallet service offered users a secure and convenient payment method for both food and grocery orders, coupled with perks like cashback for future discounts.

Jacinto highlighted, "pandapay lets users top up funds to the foodpanda app, ensuring secure and convenient payment for food or grocery orders. Plus, we’re also throwing in some perks like cashback for discounts on future orders." capping off the year, foodpanda introduced the Rewind 2023 feature – a special treat offering users an exclusive look at their orders, top dishes, preferred cuisines, and more within the app. It's a delightful stroll down memory lane, celebrating the diverse and delicious choices made throughout the year.

As you navigate the gastronomic delights of 2024, take a moment to appreciate the culinary journey with foodpanda – a reliable companion that caters to your cravings, whether it's a juicy burger, essential groceries, or a delightful voucher-induced feast. Cheers to another year of delightful discoveries on the foodpanda app!