Celebrate Chinese New Year with exclusive gifts from vivo

As the vibrant colors of the Chinese New Year usher in the Year of the Water Dragon, vivo extends warm wishes and celebrations to the Filipino community with a special promotion.

By purchasing any vivo smartphone model from an official vivo store, customers can have the chance to receive exclusive gifts – Chinese Couplets and Lucky Fu. The traditional tokens carry symbolic meanings of good fortune, prosperity, and happiness.

Chinese New Year holds immense significance in the Philippines, especially for the Filipino-Chinese community. The declaration of Chinese New Year as a special non-working holiday nationwide underscored its cultural importance. 

Celebrated with vibrant parades in Chinatowns, families engage in traditions such as thorough house cleaning to ward off evil spirits and displaying lucky charms for abundance. 

This festive season not only reflects cultural pride but also showcases the multicultural tapestry that defines the Philippines, fostering unity among diverse communities.

How to join the celebration

From February 1 to 10, 2024, follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase any vivo smartphone model at official vivo stores.

2. Keep and present the official receipt of the purchased unit at any official vivo concept store to claim the special Chinese New Year gifts.

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Embrace the festivities, capture memorable moments with your new vivo smartphone, and usher in the Year of the Water Dragon with joy and prosperity!