Leveling up your Swiftie experience with Google & YouTube

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Youtube Music

The Eras Tour fever is taking hold of Southeast Asia, and whether you’re able to head to Singapore to catch a truly once-in-a-lifetime Taylor Swift concert or you have to hold down the fort at home, there’s always a way to keep your Swiftie heart happy.

Thanks to the power of the internet and AI, Google can help elevate your Swiftie experience no matter where you are. As long as you’ve got your device and a solid internet connection with you, any day can be a Taylor Swift day—Google’s different tools and features can easily bring the music and the moments to life.

Here are a few ways you can bring the Eras Tour anywhere with Google:

Recreate the concert on YouTube and YouTube Music: What’s the Eras Tour without the actual Taylor Swift music, right? Aside from finding or creating your own Taylor Swift playlists, you can immerse yourself in the whole concert experience with more live versions from Taylor such as her full BBC Live Lounge performances and JetBlue airport busking only on YouTube and YouTube Music. 

Have a Taylor Swift hybrid get-together via Meet: So maybe you and your friends won’t be able to fly to Singapore—if you’ve made or found that YouTube playlist of Taylor Swift songs, you and your friends can sing your hearts out together face-to-face and online. For others who won’t be able to join physically, get on a Google Meet call with them and share those screens to have your own unique Swiftie experience.

Create some fun content on Shorts: Who says you have to be abroad to join the fun? You’ve got your phone, it’s got a camera, so you can be a positive part of the fandom by creating some Swiftie content on Shorts. Who knows, you could just be the next big viral Swiftie from the Philippines—what’s there to lose from trying?

Stay updated with everything happening on the Eras Tour with Alerts: When you know everything that’s going on, it’s like you’re there as well. Set up your Google Alerts to monitor topics like the Eras Tour, Taylor Swift, and even Taylor Sheesh so you don’t miss any bits of Swiftie news and information.

Learn more about Taylor Swift from Gemini: As an AI bot that’s able to search much of the internet really fast, Gemini can bring you all the info you need on Taylor Swift, anytime you need it. Simply talk to it like you would talk to a friend who knows everything about her, and Gemini will give you what you need. You can even deep-dive into certain information or topics, or double-check its response using the Google Search feature built within Gemini. 

Don’t miss out—get caught up with the Eras Tour wave now with Google, wherever you are. Head over to Google to get the experience started today.