MAGGI and Nestlé Cream Food Creators Network Launches with a Sizzle, Serving Up Interactive Culinary Experiences for Aspiring ‘Tasteblazers’


The launch of the MAGGI and Nestlé Cream Food Creators Network drew culinary enthusiasts of all levels to The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in McKinley Hill. The kick-off event, aptly named “Tasteblazers: Reinventing Culinary Inspiration,” offered an immersive, first-of-its-kind experience where attendees engaged with some of the most influential names in the food industry to inspire and elevate the culinary arts through shared knowledge and creativity.

"Helping Pinoys eat well, do good, and connect around food moments has always been the driving force behind our brands MAGGI, Nestle All Purpose Cream, and Carnation. We all want to create a food movement that enables eating well, doing good for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Together, we will help create memorable food moments and bring the magic of Pinoy cuisine to everyone to savor and enjoy,” said Rosa Simba, Business Executive Officer for Nestle Food Business Unit.

Showcasing culinary mastery in a series of dynamic cook-offs, interactive cooking stations, and lively sessions were top chefs and food creators including restaurateur Chef Myke "Tatung" Sarthou, author of the Simpol Young Chef’s Cookbook; creator of Panlasang Pinoy food vlog Vanjo Merano; award-winning pastry chef, dessert connoisseur and Nestlé Homebakers Club expert resource Chef Jackie Ang Po Chef Jackie Ang Po; Lalaine Manalo of Kawaling Pinoy, versatile actor and cooking enthusiast David Licauco; multi-awarded actress and culinary aficionado Barbie Forteza; and Nestle Kitchen Studio Creators Seth Alonzo, Nica Soledad, Sam Bawasanta, and Trish Chua. From the MAGGI side, film actress/producer and culinary maven Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, and actress-comedian and home cook extraordinaire Melai Cantiveros-Francisco also graced the event with their expertise and charm.

Hosted by certified foodie Sam Oh, the afternoon kicked off with a warm welcome and a chance for guests to explore the interactive Mini Kitchen Studios. Here, attendees could get hands-on with MAGGI, Nestlé All-Purpose Cream, and Carnation products, creating their own culinary masterpieces on camera.

Tasteblazers Talks: From Simplicity to Sweet Success

An event highlight was the series of Tasteblazers Talks, where food creators shared their journeys and insights. Chef Tatung shared his Simpol cooking philosophy that emphasized simplicity, and discussed how the MAGGI and Nestlé Cream Food Creators Network supports his mission to make cooking accessible and enjoyable for everyone by reaching a wider audience with practical tips and easy-to-follow recipes. 

Vanjo Merano, through his Panlasang Pinoy food vlog, aims to share traditional Filipino cuisine by making it accessible and easy to prepare for home cooks around the world, ensuring that the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines is celebrated and passed on to future generations. Advocating for MAGGI Sarap Sustansiya, he encourages people to make healthier choices while enjoying flavorful meals.

Chef Jackie Ang Po captivated the audience with her stories of crafting award-winning desserts and her role in the newly relaunched Nestlé Homebakers Club, inviting both novice and experienced bakers to join, as the club supports and inspires its members by providing a collaborative community for sharing techniques, feedback, and the joy of baking.

Lalaine Manalo, the creator behind Kawaling Pinoy, inspired the audience with her journey from a Food Service Director to a full-time food blogger. With over 20 years of experience in food service management in skilled nursing facilities and public dining settings, she’s developed hundreds of Filipino and Asian-inspired recipes since 2016. Her engaging storytelling and dedication to sharing adaptable, delicious meals encourage home cooks to experiment and find joy in creating their own culinary masterpieces.

Nestle Kitchen Studio Creators Seth Alonzo, Nica Soledad, Sam Bawasanta, and Trish Chua infused their love for food and dynamic storytelling into the Tasteblazers event, giving attendees a peek into the ever-changing world of culinary content geared towards younger viewers.

Sizzling Cook-Offs and More Star-Studded Kitchen Stories

The culinary sharing sizzled up with exciting cook-off challenges. Chef Tatung led a segment on quick and easy healthy recipe hacks with food bloggers Juju Imao (Jujumao) and Lalaine Manalo. Vanjo Merano demonstrated how to give traditional Filipino dishes a modern twist with content creator Miguel Marcelo of Juan Big Bite and home cook Melai Cantiveros-Francisco. Meanwhile, Chef Jackie Ang Po brought social media trends to life with viral recipes with food creators Kath and Gene Barcelo, and foodie Icoy Rapadas, engaging guests in the cooking process and showcasing the latest culinary crazes.

As Tasteblazers Talks continued, David Licauco and Barbie Forteza shared their personal cooking experiences, inspiring attendees to explore new flavors and cooking techniques. David emphasized the importance of embracing self-awareness for culinary creativity that even led him to going into the food business. Meanwhile, Barbie encouraged young cooks to kickstart their cooking journey given the convenience of online resources and inspiration from food travels. Both represent a generation that loves to innovate and experiment in the kitchen.

Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, the newest face of MAGGI Magic Chicken Cubes, highlighted the importance of balancing a busy career with managing household meals, and how Maggi products make it easier for her to prepare delicious, nutritious food for her family. Melai's relatable stories and warm humor resonated with many in the audience, showing how anyone can create magic in the kitchen.

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, the longest-endorsing celebrity for MAGGI, reflected on her journey with the brand and the evolution of their partnership. She spoke about the new "Cook with Magic" initiative, which takes their collaboration beyond traditional advertising to interactive cooking shows. Judy Ann emphasized how this approach is crucial for reaching today’s young cooks, offering them practical, hands-on cooking advice and inspiration. 

Together, these talented chefs and food creators brought diverse perspectives and expertise to the event, enriching the culinary experience for all attendees. The MAGGI and Nestlé Cream Food Creators Network aims to foster a community where food creators can exchange culinary ideas and connect with fellow enthusiasts. 

Tune In and Taste the Magic: New Content from the Network

The launch of the MAGGI and Nestlé Cream Food Creators Network timed with the release of its first ‘Cook with Magic’ episode of Season 2. Foodies can tune in every Monday on the Nestle Goodness YouTube channel to witness the creative process, gain inspiration, and learn from the favorite recipes of special guests. By leveraging the expertise of its members and the quality of MAGGI, Nestle All-Purpose Cream and Carnation products, the network redefines culinary inspiration and elevates the cooking experience for all.

Chris Nazareno, MAGGI Philippines Marketing Manager, said, "The MAGGI and Nestlé Cream Food Creators Network was created to harness the power of food to bring people together. It provides a platform for chefs, food creators, and enthusiasts to connect, inspire, and collaborate. We're dedicated to helping everyone start their culinary journey and explore their creativity to make memorable and magical meal moments both at home and beyond."

The event wrapped up with a reel showcasing the highlights of the live cooking stations and the food stories throughout the day, then capped with a celebratory dinner, giving guests the chance to savor the flavors of the day's dishes while also taking home Masflex Cookware and Kitchenware for their next food creations. As the culinary community came together, the MAGGI and Nestlé Cream Food Creators Network is sure to play a transformative role with culinary inspiration. For more information, visit the YouTube Channels of Maggi Philippines, Create with Cream, (both also on TikTok) and Nestle Goodnes, as well as the Official MAGGI Philippines, Nestle Cream Philippines, and Nestle Carnation Philippines Facebook Pages.