GCash Unveils a Stream of Innovations at FutureCast 2024


FutureCast 2024

GCash, the Philippines' leading fintech platform, took center stage at its annual FutureCast event to showcase a wave of groundbreaking advancements designed to revolutionize the country's financial landscape and elevate user experiences.

Security at the Forefront

GCash prioritizes security with the introduction of Online PaySafe, a new layer of protection during online transactions.This feature redirects users to the GCash app for secure multi-factor authentication, safeguarding them from phishing scams and unauthorized access.

For enhanced customer support, Gigi, GCash's AI-powered assistant, receives a significant upgrade. Gigi can now handle everyday inquiries, seamlessly escalate complex issues, and perform security checks. Additionally, users can access past conversations and connect with live agents when needed.

To combat online fraud, GCash partners with Chubb to introduce Send Money Protect. This optional service allows users to insure transactions for as low as 30 pesos, offering coverage against scams impersonating friends, family, or legitimate businesses.

Enhanced Design for a Smoother Experience

GCash introduces three new app design elements to deliver a more intuitive user experience.

  • Dashboard 3.0 boasts a streamlined interface with easy navigation, allowing users to find their favorite features at a glance. Additionally, the new "save, borrow, and grow" tabs provide quick access to frequently used functionalities.
  • GCat & Friends join forces to make financial management fun and educational. Corey G helps users discover deals, while GRaf reminds them to save and invest.
  • Money Manager, a real-time spending tracker, empowers users to visualize their expenses and make informed financial decisions.

The Power of AI

GCash leverages AI to introduce a suite of innovative features:

  • GScore AI analyzes daily app activity to determine creditworthiness and loan eligibility, eliminating the need for additional paperwork.
  • Hyper-Personalized Ads powered by AI learns user preferences and recommends personalized offers from partner merchants, acting like a virtual shopping assistant.
  • GCoach AI, your financial guru, utilizes generative AI to educate users on effective money management strategies. It personalizes insights and connects users to auto-deposit features within the app.

Going Green with GCash

Sustainability takes center stage with GImpact, a program that empowers users to contribute to a greener future. Every transaction translates to reduced carbon emissions, which are converted into Green Points. These points can be used to plant trees through partnering NGOs.

GFarm allows users to directly support Filipino farmers by purchasing fruit-bearing tree seedlings like coffee, avocado,and jackfruit. All proceeds go directly to the farmers, fostering a more sustainable livelihood for both them and their communities.

Fintech for the Next Generation

GCash Jr. with Parental Controls caters to a younger audience. This feature allows kids aged 7-17 to have their first e-wallet and debit card via GCash Jr. Visa Cards. Parents can set spending limits, enabling supervised purchases,subscriptions, and easy access to allowances.

GSave Jr. introduces kids to the world of savings accounts. They can manage their own accounts, set goals, and control their savings. Parents gain peace of mind with unique access to a special dashboard that displays overall spending and allows for setting transaction limits.

Expanding Globally

GCash sets its sights on international expansion, reaching 16 countries including the USA, Canada, and key European nations. This move makes GCash accessible to over 10 million Filipinos abroad.

  • International Bank Cash-In allows users to transfer funds directly from over 12,000 US banks, with European banks to follow soon.
  • GTravel, a one-stop travel platform within the GCash app, simplifies booking flights, hotels, e-sims, and even helps plan visa requirements. Travelers can also leverage GInsure for travel insurance and OONA Insurance for instant lounge access during flight delays.

Tourists visiting the Philippines can take advantage of GCash Tourist, a product offering 30-day access to core features like Scan to Pay and Send Money.

Revolutionizing Payments

GCash introduces new ways to borrow and pay:

  • Borrow on the Spot streamlines the loan application process by allowing users to request a credit limit increase with a single tap.
  • Tap to Pay, powered by NFC technology, facilitates faster commutes by enabling contactless payments at designated terminals.
  • Watch Pay, a partnership with Huawei, allows users to pay seamlessly through QR scans using their Huawei smartwatches.

GCash's commitment to financial inclusion is evident in these advancements. By offering secure, accessible, and innovative solutions, GCash empowers Filipinos to take control of their finances and build a brighter future.

Download the GCash app today on the Huawei App Gallery, Google Play Store, or the App Store to experience the future of fintech.