Style Conquest 2024: A Runway Extravaganza of Rising Stars and Established Designers


Style Conquest 2024 wasn't just a fashion show; it was an electrifying fusion of music and style. Held at the Green Sun Hotel on June 30th, the event proved to be a resounding success, celebrating both established and up-and-coming Filipino fashion designers.

The runway transformed into a stage where established designers Paul Matt, Emanuel RiƱoza, Edrick Paz, JM Rosario, Camille Besacruz, Kein Dumlao, Nash August, and Basil Malicsi displayed their signature styles alongside the fresh perspectives of iAcademy's graduating fashion design class. From Joanna Santos' bold, avant-garde couture to Abby Fernandez's sustainable streetwear collection inspired by Japanese culture, each designer brought a unique voice to the event. Ellyn Denubo's experimental approach provides fresh perspective on self-expression. Megan Davis showcased a blend of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance while Elene Mariano celebrated cultural heritage with contemporary twist. 

But Style Conquest 2024 wasn't just about the clothes. P-pop groups like G22 and VXON, along with VIVA Artist Rabin Angeles, infused the show with an electrifying energy. Their star power and charisma kept the audience captivated, blurring the lines between fashion and performance.

The event was divided into two shows, each offering something special:

Afternoon Show: Kicking off at 5 PM, this segment introduced a diverse range of collections, setting the tone for a day overflowing with inspiration.

Evening Show: Starting at 8 PM, the spotlight shifted to the iAcademy graduates, showcasing their captivating collections alongside the dazzling performances from the P-pop groups and Rabin Angeles.

Style Conquest remains committed to inclusivity and artistic freedom. This year's event was a testament to that mission, providing a platform for both seasoned designers and rising talents to showcase their work. It wasn't just a celebration of fashion; it was a celebration of the innovative spirit that fuels the industry.

The energy and excitement generated by Style Conquest 2024 promises a bright future for these talented designers. And with the announcement of a return this October, fashion enthusiasts can look forward to another season of groundbreaking creativity. Stay tuned for details on this upcoming showcase, poised to further ignite the Philippine fashion scene.