What's Your ISP: Smartbro, Globe Tattoo or PLDT DSL

I've been a loyal SmartBro subscriber. When I was still living in Upper Antipolo, my Smart Canopy worked just fine. It was so reliable I was able to have an online job. Nnetis.com  was created using SmartBro. Then we transferred in 2012 to Lower Antipolo. I did not request for my canopy to be transferred. Instead, I switched to SmartBro Pocket WiFi. That was when my problem with internet connection started. I guess it's more congested in our area. There are also dead spots in our house. There are times when there is no connection at all. And most of the time, the speed is very slow. I remember uploading a photo to my website took thirty minutes (and I have lots of photo to upload).

I'm now considering other options. I've got a pending PLDT Plan 1995 application. The status is still processing after three weeks. I'm not sure when it will be processed. I've also read horror stories about the PLDT DSL. 

I'm also looking into Globe Tattoo Home Broadband 5mbps Plan 1599 (old monthly fee was P2299). So far, the people I know have good feedbacks except for repair issues which they say take a while before a problem gets fixed.

I'm missing out on various online job opportunities because of my internet connection problem. So please help me decide.

What's your Internet Service Provider?
Will you recommend it? Why? Why Not?