My Manila Hotel Tour

When Manila Hotel announced on their Facebook Page about the #MyManilaHotel Tour, I signed up. The first time I was in Manila Hotel was in 2012. Me and hubby stayed overnight in a room with the Intramuros view (Read more here). Inasmuch as I want to explore the hotel that time, my husband was attending an event so I opted to just relax at the lobby and listen to the piano while enjoying a light snack.

I arrived an hour early. I haven't eaten lunch yet so I decided to stay at the Grand Lobby. I love the very relaxed atmosphere at Manila Hotel's lobby. The chandeliers are so grand I can't help but look up and marvel.

My Coke Zero arrived first and a complimentary bowl of peanuts. I don't know why the peanuts tasted so good I almost emptied the bowl when my sandwich arrived.

I ordered Chicken Sandwich on wheat bread. The serving was generous I was able to consume only a quarter of it. (And may be because I finished off the peanuts!)


I went to the Roma Salon ten minutes before the agreed time.  Roma Salon is located on the left side of the lobby.

This vintage cappuccino machine displayed outside Roma Salon caught my attention. 

At the entrance of Roma Salon is a wall art that spells out ROMA and AMOR. 

Roma Salon has an area of 142 sqm and a capacity of  150 guests. This venue is ideal for small seminars and intimate gatherings.


Our first stop is the Champagne Room. We were told that a lot of guests got engaged here because of the very romantic feel of the place.

The entrance to the main dining area of the Champagne Room is elegantly decorated.

I love the color of the upholstered chairs, the hanging lamps and the crystal palm trees. The Champagne Room is open for Dinner, Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 11pm.

I like this spot at the right corner near the grand piano.

With Ms Kristine Facto, AVP-Public Relations and Corporate Communications of Manila Hotel


For US$3,550++ a night, what is so special about the General Douglas MacArthur Suite?

General Douglas MacArthur was a five star American general. He was the Military Advisor to the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines. He and his family stayed in this suite from 1935-1941. The suite is actually  a house within the hotel.

World War II has damaged most part of the hotel and the suite was not spared. The suite has been refurbished to bring it back it's old charm.

The formal dining room has a 10-seater marble table and is overlooking the Manila Bay.

This is the study room. Hanging on the wall are the pictures of General Douglas MacArthur's family.

"I Shall Return..."

This pipe on the study table has caught my attention.

This is the anteroom. Sliding door separates it from the Master Bedroom. These upholstered recliners are so comfy. Guess where I sat? :)

This is the Master Bedroom. It is equipped with a Samsung 3D tv and an iPod docking station.  Although the bed has a nostalgic charm, I don't feel much history in this room.

Bvlgari Toiletries

I didn't like the layout of the bathroom. The bathtub has a direct view of the two toilet bowls. I was told that it is the original layout.

The guest room was once occupied by MacArthur's children. If I remember it right, the bed frames and the cabinet are made from mahogany. There is a sliding door on the hallway leading to this room. Once closed, this room is soundproofed. 

If you book the MacArthur Suite, you will be assigned with a butler at your disposal for the duration of your stay. The suite also has it's own fully stocked pantry.


If you are staying on the 15th floor, you will have access to the MacArthur Club Lounge. The loft-style sunrise/sunset luxury suites on this floor comes with butler services.

There's a fully equipped conference room with bathroom (shower/toilet). Children are off limits on this floor because CEOs are the usual guests here and business transactions and deals are made in this floor.

One of the decors is the "sungka"

Guests staying on the executive floor need not go down to Cafe Ilang Ilang for breakfast. A buffet breakfast setup is available on the dining area.


The Mabuhay Palace is the authentic Cantonese Restaurant of Manila Hotel. The chef prepares a wide array of mouthwatering Cantonese cuisine. We were told that the Chinese Chef has already learned to speak fluent Filipino.

The narration of the tale of Confucius on the wall of the Mabuhay Palace is made of jade and precious stones.

This is the most appealing restaurant in Manila Hotel for me. I love the rich red and gold color and the warmth of the wood details.

This hallway leads to several dining rooms for private use.

This is one of the dining rooms you can reserve for private gatherings.

I wasn't able to ask what this accent piece is but I really love this one. I actually want one!

Another noteworthy is the detail on the door

This award means you must eat at the Mabuhay Palace soon!

Operating Hours

Mondays to Sundays 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Mondays to Sundays 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM


We were also given access to the Archives room. On the four walls are framed pictures of famous personalities who stayed at Manila Hotel.

The Penthouse Guest Book

Julio Iglesias stayed here March 15-17, 1997

Guess who?!


At the Cafe Ilang-Ilang is where you can sample a wide selection of dishes from different parts of the world. 

The restaurant has eight cooking stations. You'll be delighted with the Italian kitchen. The pizza cooked in the wood-fired oven smells soooo good.

Food prepared in accordance with Halal standards.

Got room for dessert?

Opening Hours
Daily 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Daily 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM


Daily 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM


Tuesday Night - Mardi Gras Night at PHP 2,450.00 NET per person.
Wednesday Night - Japanese Night at PHP 2,450.00 NET per person.
Thursday Night - Steak Night at PHP 2,950.00 NET per person.
Friday Night - Seafood Night at PHP 2,950.00 NET per person.
Saturday Night - Hawaiian and Polynesian Night at PHP 2,450.00 NET per person.
Sunday Brunch - International Brunch Buffet at PHP 2,400.00 NET per person. 

The highlight of the #MyManilaHotel tour for me is when Chef Jonathan taught us how to make California Maki at Cafe Ilang-Ilang.

And because I love this activity so much, I believe it deserve a separate blog post. Read more about this activity HERE.

My happy tour companions and the tempura maki they made. This one is really delicious. A bit spicy.

We headed back to Roma Salon after the California Maki activity. Manila Hotel prepared a feast for us.

The cream cheese filled pastry on the left is heaven! The swirled bread with dark chocolate is also to die for. We were lucky Ms. Kristine offered us to have two of each pastries for take home.

And of course, we had to eat our "creations"..

I declared a cheat day! Our sumptuous snack was worth all the calories gained.

It was a well-spent afternoon. I was so blessed to be a part of the #MyManilaHotel Tour. I'm so looking forward to staying again at the Manila Hotel. And yes, I still prefer the Intramuros view