Giordano Circus 25th Anniversary Party: My First Henna Tattoo


One of the things I secretly have on my bucket list is to experience having a henna tattoo. I have reservations with being permanently inked because of two things: I am afraid the design will appear ugly when I get old because my skin will sag and the other reason is that I fear I won't be able to endure the pricking pain. So to those who have amazing body art, I envy you!

When I saw the Face Painting and Henna Tattoo Booth at Giordano Circus 25th Anniversary Party, I asked myself "When was the last time I did something for the first time?" and I can't recall when. And since I've been wanting to try this, I browsed the catalog while waiting for my turn. But I already know what I want. And it's not in the catalog.

I asked him if he can draw me Tinkerbell and he said yes. Today was my lucky day.

To this amazing henna tattoo artist who I forgot to ask his name because I am so delighted and it is written all over my face, THANK YOU SO MUCH!