Allele White: Wanna Be White Now?

I don't attend blogger events that fall on a Sunday. But when I received an invitation to the Allele White event at Poetry & Prose Patisserie last May 24, I can't say no. Why? Because I need to "experience" the product to believe. 

When I posted the photo of my arms on facebook, I received private messages and comments from friends and acquaintances. Those who really know me were asking where they can buy the products. Those who don't know me were asking if this product is for real. Some said. "Eh maputi ka naman talaga!" (You have fair skin!)

Yes, I am lucky to have fair skin. But my arms are several shades darker than my natural skin tone. I play tennis and I hate applying sunblock lotion (except on my face). You know the icky feeling of sweat and lotion. 

What is Allele White?

The word “ALLELE” ( 'a, leel ) pertains to one of two or more versions of a gene. An individual inherits two ALLELE from each gene, one from each parent.  An Allele is part of the human gene that gives us our distinctive characteristics (e.g eye color, hair color and skin color) most often than not, these are the things we want to change in our bodies and be in control of.

Allele White is a revolutionary Skin Whitening System that allows you to have whiter and flawless skin in just one application. This product is the answer to those who want to have a whiter skin but were not born with the Allele for fair skin.

Ms. Isabel Molina, the beauty and brain behind Allele White. In 2012, Isabel wanted to make a whitening formula better and easier to use. She researched and worked with her product formulators to perfect Allele White.

5 in 1 Benefits of Allele White

Instant White. See for yourself! Simply apply on one arm and compare color with the other arm. The instant whitening effects of Allele White can be washed off with soap and water but can last for more than 12 hours if not washed.

Lightens Skin Complexion. Contains powerful lightening extracts found in nature, such as Papaya Extract, to dramatically improve tone, color and texture of your skin, giving you a vibrant complexion.

Moisturizes Skin. Contains Dimethicone which acts as skin protectant and emollient, leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant which helps lighten skin, improves skin tone, delays the process of aging and promotes collagen formation.

Sun Protection Factor. Be white and be protected from the sun! Titanium Dioxide acts as a lightening agent and sunscreen which helps prevent sun damage and darkening of the skin.


With the perfect skin, you are always ready to face anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

Wanna Be White Now?

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