Ariel Power Gel For Washing Machines


Gabundok na laundry? Don't worry!

I am a member of EverydayMe of Procter & Gamble and one of the perks for its members is receiving samples of their new products. Earlier this week, I received three sachets of Ariel Power Gel Sunrise Fresh. I'm comfortable using Ariel Powder Detergent and this power gel variant got me really curious.  Ariel Power Gel is made for washing machines. This concentrated gel detergent promises 2x better stain removal.  Other properties of Ariel Power Gel are:

  • deeply penetrates to remove stains better
  • dissolves better than powder
  • better color care than powder
  • does not leave behind powder residue on clothes and machine
  • fresh smelling scent

My friends posted comments on my facebook status that got me more excited. I used the Ariel Power Gel this morning and I've proven that the 45ml power gel cleans better than the 90g powder. I love that there was no powder residue making the clothes easier to rinse. I also agree with Cie ( that the clothes smells good even without fabric conditioner. 

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