Ariel Power Gel Stain Story Wipeout: The DIY Dinner Date


I was chosen as an ambassador for the Ariel Power Gel Stain Story Wipeout. I received a box that includes a shirt, bottles of different stains and Ariel Power Gel detergent.

"We all know that every stain comes with a story behind it.
As much as we'd like to hold on to memories,
no one wants a stain to stay on their clothes forever.
Good thing there's Ariel Power Gel."

Who among you dear readers is a kitchen goddess?

I cannot claim the title but I do love cooking. One of my husband's favorite is buffalo chicken wings and I usually serve this whenever we have a dinner date at home. Preparing the sauce can get a little messy. I know I should be wearing an apron ( I have one with my name embroidered!) and most of the time "kitchen accidents" happen when I'm not wearing one!

What to do with the stain on your perfect white tee?

I used the Ariel Power Gel on the shirt I purposely stained with ketchup to see if this liquid detergent will miraculously vanish the dirt. Honestly, I was a bit doubtful. As instructed, I left the ketchup to dry for 30 minutes. I then put  enough amount of Ariel Power Gel on the ketchup stain and washed the shirt in the washing machine.

Ariel Power Gel To The Rescue

Thanks to Ariel Power Gel, I will not worry whenever I experiment on new dishes in my kitchen for our next DIY dinner date. I'm assured all I will have is the memory of a romantic date at home and not the mess on my clothes while preparing.

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