51Talk Revolutionizes Online English Education from the Philippines to China


In the dynamic landscape of online education, 51Talk has emerged as a trailblazer, earning the distinction of being the largest online teaching company globally. Let us explore the journey of 51Talk, from its initial foray into the Chinese market to its groundbreaking listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2016.

A Pioneering Venture in Online Education

Founded in 2011 to address the increasing demand for English teachers in China, 51Talk has revolutionized online English education. The company's inception was fueled by the recognition that despite years of formal English education in China, many individuals still struggled to communicate confidently in English. Co-founder Sue Ting's expertise in linguistics and second language acquisition guided the company's approach toward one-on-one lessons, leading her to the Philippines in search of proficient English teachers.

The Filipino Advantage

The Philippines, recognized as the global hub for back office process outsourcing and call centers, became the ideal breeding ground for 51Talk's teaching talent. Filipino teachers, with their exceptional English proficiency and cultural familiarity with the West, quickly became the backbone of 51Talk's success. With over 8,000 teachers from various cities in the Philippines, the company tapped into the nation's passionate and dedicated educators.

IPO Milestone and Future Vision

In June 2016, 51Talk achieved a significant milestone by becoming the only online education company listed on the NYSE under the stock symbol COE. The funds raised through the IPO have empowered 51Talk to expand its pool of passionate English teachers. Sue Ting expressed the company's commitment to engaging local teachers, enhancing brand visibility, and providing continuous training and development programs for their educators.

Innovative Teaching Model

The success of 51Talk lies in its innovative teaching model, combining technology and ability. The company developed its own online learning system and platform, enabling Filipino teachers to deliver intensive one-on-one English-only immersive lessons to Chinese students. This approach allows for daily lessons, anytime and anywhere, providing students with a convenient and effective means to practice English in a real conversational environment.

Empowering Lifestyle Changes for Teachers

Beyond its impact on students, 51Talk has transformed the lives of its online English teachers. The unique teaching platform allows educators to work from the comfort of their homes, choose flexible schedules, and engage in continuous training. This not only ensures a high standard of teaching but also enables teachers to enjoy positive lifestyle changes, with more time for family and a flexible work schedule that eliminates commuting and graveyard shifts.

As 51Talk continues to lead the online English education industry, its commitment to innovation, combined with the dedication of Filipino teachers, remains at the forefront. The company's journey from addressing a specific need in China to becoming a global educational powerhouse reflects the transformative impact of online education facilitated by technology and the passion of educators.