Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone


I was never confident talking to people. I'd rather write. In school, I never raised up my hand even though I know the answer. I hate answering phone calls. I''m super chatty on fb messenger but a little aloof in person. I only talk to people I am comfortable with. 

I met MJ Racadio of BlogTalk with MJ Racadio at the Francis Libiran Jewellery Collection launch and I remember MJ asking me if I will interview Francis. I said, "No. I'll be writing about this event only." And he said, "Why not?"

MJ became my friend that night. It was also the night when I introduced him to Via Galang of Versaheel but this is another story. After a month, MJ called me up asking me if I want to interview Via for her shoe business. I also asked MJ if I could interview him.

What am I thinking? This guy has been interviewing celebrities in Hollywood and here I am asking for an interview. I was hoping he'd decline. Really. I was very nervous. But he said yes. There's no turning back. I researched. Prepared the interview questions.

Here's the article of the interview

"If I could inspire or empower one person at a time with what I am doing, I'll be very happy. I want this to be my legacy." -MJ

Thank you for inspiring and empowering me. You made me step outside my comfort zone.   Congratulations on #BlogTalkWithMJRacadio's 3rd Anniversary.