How Do You Like Your Coffee?

My husband starts his day with a hot cup of coffee. I like my coffee cold. With ice. And I don't drink coffee to start my day. Well, I'm not a morning person to begin with. I usually wake up as late as 10 am. Unless I have a morning event, I work around lunch time. 

When it comes to coffee, I must say my husband is the expert. He knows what tastes good. For me, they're all the same. He would buy different brands every time. It seems as if he is still looking for a particular flavor and aroma. We have two coffee makers at home but rarely use them. We prefer the convenience of 3 in 1 coffee. 

I told my husband that I want him to try a new brand of coffee: the Maskape 3in1 Coffee. I was able to taste this coffee brand ahead of him and the variant of choice is the Brown & Creamy. I really love its caramelly taste  and the strong roasted coffee aroma. It has a natural coffee taste similar to the blended iced beverages I purchase from coffee shops. I want to try this variant with a bit of chocolate syrup next time.

After hubby finished his cup of Strong and Rich coffee this morning, he said to me, "mas masarap ang Maskape." He also suggested that I try the Iced White & Creamy next time.

Pag pasado kay hubby, syempre ako ay happy wifey.

Maskape 3in1 Coffee

Maskape 3in1 coffee is made from Robusta coffee bean. It is a coffee bean with low acidity (which is perfect for me!) and high in bitterness (perfect for hubby!). Robusta is more bitter than Arabica. It also has more amount of caffeine and antioxidants. 

Maskape 3in1 Coffee is locally made by Mighty and Strong (MAS) Food Corporation but the Robusta Coffee Bean they use is imported.

Variants available

Barako Gold. Brewed with very strong coffee aroma and intense bitterness
Strong & Rich. Roasted and brewed with very strong coffee aroma and taste
Brown & Creamy. Roasted with strong roasted coffee aroma and light caramelly taste
White & Creamy. Roasted with light roasted coffee aroma and milky creamy taste
Original. Roasted with strong roasted coffee aroma. Not too creamy and not too strong

Maskape 3in1 Coffee is available in supermarkets nationwide and in all 7-Eleven Stores. SRP is P5 and P10 for TwinPack at 7-Eleven.

Kung gusto mo ng 3in1 coffee na hindi bitin sa sarap at lasa, sa Maskape ka na!

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