7 Secrets To A Long Lasting Relationship Revealed

Our love story started in 1992. School was almost over when he took notice of me. We've been studying in the same school since we were in kindergarten but we were never aware of each other's existence. We crossed path when we were in junior high school. I transferred to his class and we became classmates. But it was only the last two months of school year when we got acquainted. He was my boyfriend for 12 years before we decided to tie the knot in 2004. We've been together now for 25 years. So, is there really such a thing as forever? How do we do it? Let me share with you our secrets to a long lasting relationship.

1. Communicate but learn how to spend quiet time together

I'm the talker. I could go all day telling him stories about anything under the sun. But when it comes to discussing things that really matter, he is very objective. We engage in serious conversation once in a while. Most of the time, it's kulitan. 

We also enjoy spending quiet time together. We just sit or lie beside each other. Hold hands. Play games in our iPad. Cuddle. No talking. Feeling the warmth of his body is more than enough. Hearing his heartbeat as I lay my head on his chest is like a thousand coded words of love that only we understand.

2. Create new memories

When was the last time you did something for the first time? When was the last time you went on an adventure? When was the last time you went outside your comfort zone? 

We will all grow old and we might not be physically capable of doing the things we wished we did when we were younger. While you still can, create memories. Do not live a life of regrets and what ifs. Go places. Skydive. Cruise. Indulge. 

Always have something to look forward to and something to reminisce. 

3. Be crazy.

I am often asked, "doesn't it get boring?" Well, I must admit that there was a phase in our relationship when we felt like we were enduring the monotony of our daily life. That is when communication came in handy. We looked for ways to amuse ourselves. We changed the routine. We sometimes make fun of each other :)

4. Never stop courting your wife.

The "kilig" moments should not end when she said yes. When was the last time you asked her out for a date? I still feel the butterflies in my stomach whenever me and hubby are going on a date after all these years. We would sometimes meet up in a coffee shop and pretend that he is still courting me. 

5. Flirt with your husband.

They say life changes after marriage. Responsibilities, kids and the struggle to keep everything in order put out the spark in your relationship. Sex becomes obligatory as the years pass by. Flirting with your husband can bring back the excitement in your marriage. Whether he admits it or not, he is longing for some flirting and teasing. Don't let him look for it elsewhere.

6. Don't share everything on social media.

It is okay to share stories and photos that will inspire other couples. But never use social media to speak ill of your partner just because you are angry. Also, don't involve other people who are merely social media acquaintances if you are having problems in your relationship. Try resolving issues between the two of you only. If you need help, talk to someone who you both respect and believe will give advice that will enlighten you.

7. Honor your vows.

You promised each other with God as your witness to be together until death. Never let parting ways be an option. Never entertain the possibility of bailing out when the marriage goes through a rough patch. Make sure you understand the sanctity of marriage. Fulfill your vows and always pray.