How To Find Happiness


How To Find Happiness

I met a man who has all the reasons to blame the universe for things that make each day of his life a struggle but chose to see the good in every day. He is Winston Maxino. When he mentioned that he is diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis affecting the spine, I recalled the moments when I suffer from the pain caused by my scoliosis. My episodes are infrequent but would always make me want to give up. Winston deal with the pain every day. He almost did not make it to the Laughternoon event. But when I saw him entered the room, he was all smiles. No wonder, he was the first Cebuana Lhuillier Happiest Pinoy grand winner in 2010.

How To Find Happiness

Instead on focusing on what brings him down, Maxino chooses to focus on the positive. He acknowledges that there are trying days and it's normal to feel discouraged at times. But he doesn't allow the suffering to take away from him the opportunity to spread happiness to other people. He knows that a genuine smile can brighten someone's day and small act of kindness can have a ripple effect.

How to find happiness

Your happiness should not depend on another person. It should come from within. Also, you cannot spread happiness if you do not have it in you.  Here are some things you can do to bring happiness into your life:

1. Take pleasure in simple things.

Don't we envy the toddlers laughing endlessly because of a bouncing ball? We get so caught up with our ambitions and busy schedules that we forget take notice of the beautiful rainbow or the funny shapes of the clouds. 

2. Do the things that you love.

Writing makes me happy. The pay isn't much compared to my corporate job but I love doing it. Painting also makes me happy. I am not good at it but I enjoy the activity.

When was the last time you did something you really enjoyed?

3. Surround yourself with happy people.

Make an inventory of the people you hang out with or you interact with on social media. Are they the type who find fault at almost everything? Or do they share funny, joyful, and inspiring stories? Be with people who make you laugh and see the positive side of life.

4. Imagine the best scenario.

Your thoughts become things. If you think positive, you will attract positive. Always hope for the best in every situation. Don't be afraid to claim what you really want. You'd be surprised how powerful your mind is.

5. Acknowledge the bad. Accept the good.

There are days when things don't work out as planned. It's okay to be disappointed. It's normal feel bad. Don't deny yourself feeling bad. But don't let yourself be discouraged by setbacks. You'll learn. You'll improve. Once you've acknowledged the bad, you can move on and try again.

Wanted: Happiest Pinoy

The Philippines is ranked 71 in 2018 World Happiness Report. Filipinos can still manage to laugh and smile in spite of the difficulties we face. Cebuana Lhuillier's Search for the Happiest Pinoy 2018 received  800,000 entries. 

How To Find Happiness

The finalists will be announced soon and P1,000,000 tax-free grand prize is up for grabs.

Will you be the 2018 Happiest Pinoy?