Precious Hearts Romances New Titles Release During Grand Fans Day


Precious Hearts Romances New Titles
Precious Hearts Romances loyal readers flocked to the Dito Ka Masaya Grand Fans Day 2019 held at The Space last March 30. I felt so privileged to be invited, meet the writers and get the first dibs on the new releases. Reading Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks has been my family's favorite relaxation activity. I can finish a book in one sitting.

Precious Hearts Romances New Titles

It's great to see that there are still so many young adults who are into reading books. I was wrong to think that they prefer reading digital copies. 

Precious Hearts Romances New Titles
One of the fun activities during the PHR Dito Ka Masaya Grand Fans Day 2019

2019 Precious Hearts Romances Grand Fans Day Release

Precious Hearts Romances New Titles

  • Time after Time by Rose Tan
  • Diyosabelle by Vanessa
  • Heart of Glass by Sonia Francesca
  • Stallion Revisited 12: Lucas Villanueva by Sonia Francesca
  • Taming the Brash Princess by Sofia
  • #SoBad Series: Iza by Dawn Igloria
  • #SoBad Series: Petra by Belle Feliz
  • #SoBad Series: Raia by Victoria Amor
  • #SoBad Series: Mina by Dream Grace
  • Love, Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend by Heart Yngrid
  • Golden Heart by Maricar Dizon
  • Miss Danger Finder by Luna King
  • The Breakers Corazon Sociedad Batch 2 Book 11: Nathaniel Luther by Venice Jacobs
  • SCIU Case Files Series No. 1: Alone by Venice Jacobs
  • The Last Warriors Batch 2: City of Blinds Book 2: Crossroads by Spring Mendez
  • Dangerous by Cady Lorenzana
  • The Legendary Devils Trilogy 1: The Accidental Hero by Cranberry Laurel
  • Once Upon a Time Trilogy Book 1: Cordelia by Lush Ericson
  • After Death by Gazchela Aerienne
  • Till We Meet Again by Aya Myers
  • Assassins Batch 2 Book 2: Law, Stupid Love by Tyra
  • The Queen Series 1: The Queen of Heralds by Ashlene Javier
  • The Other Girls Series 5: Smart Tactless Fangirl by C.D. de Guzman
  • The Friendly Wedding by C.D. de Guzman
  • BHO CAMP 2: The Rockstar's Personal Assistant by MsButterfly
  • Under Pleasure by Princess Cordova
  • Loved You First by N.N. Manalo
  • Zedvage Assault by Jian
  • All Strings Attached by Jessa Audrey
  • K-High by Cyan
  • Ang Boyfriend Kong Mummy Na, Vampire Pa by Chin-chin Cruise
  • Gangsters VS Assassins by Xavier John Ford

For those who are into online platform, PHR writers are also very much in touch with the millennial. They have published stories on Wattpad and have huge number of followers.  C.D. de Guzman (FrustratedGirlWriter) has 283k followers on Wattpad whiles MsButterfly has 211k followers. 

PHR has also launched Booklat, an online literary platform targeting the Gen Z and millennial readers. PHR continuously search for writers who produce quality stories regardless of the number of followers or reads. 

Precious Hearts Romances New Titles
The authors present during the media conference

Precious Hearts Romances helps authors to continuously improve and build their craft. PHR annually holds two-day brainstorming sessions for selected contract writers. They also have a creative group formed and regularly sit together to come up with plots that will be offered to willing writers. There are also authors commissioned to write these plots.

Are you an aspiring writer?

Writing workshops are offered for free to aspiring writers of Precious Hearts Romances. The efforts of PHR to reach out to the next potential Martha Cecilia, Rose Tan, Vanessa, or Sonia Francesca are unending.

If you believe that you can be a part of something bigger or aspire to be the next best-selling Filipino romance author, you can send your manuscript to