Mental Tapestries: Art Exhibit for Mental Health Awareness


“Mental Tapestries”, a unique art exhibition aimed at raising awareness of mental health, hosted by InTouch Community Services, in partnership with Boxless Society, will feature 27 works of art focused on the theme of mental health, created by artists who face mental health challenges. The artworks will showcase how the artists have used their experiences and creativity to manage their condition.

“At InTouch we hope that all people will value mental health and emotional well-being and be able to access high quality mental health services. For this to happen, there needs to be less stigma and more meaningful deliberations around mental health at the community level,” says Camilla Brooks, Chairperson of InTouch. “This partnership with Boxless Society is an opportunity for us to view mental health through the medium of art to generate better understanding and awareness,” she added.

“Art can be therapeutic and can help one speak louder than words, because thoughts are often hard to verbalize. This art exhibit is intended to raise awareness on mental wellbeing, to feel free to express and spread acceptance,” says Lucylle Bianca T. Cawaling, Event Organizer and Volunteer at Boxless Society, channeling the sentiments of her team of artists.

The exhibit will run from May 23 until July 11, 2019, and the art will be offered for sale, with the proceeds going to support both organisations, the artists, and their cause.