5 travel must-haves when you go on vacation


Planning for a trip takes more than just booking flights and reserving hotel accommodations. Every seasoned traveler knows that it is equally important to immediately research for suggested itineraries and make a list of things to bring for the duration of the vacation.

From making sure that all travel documents are ready, to choosing the right luggage to bring and knowing the appropriate clothes to pack, preparing for any kind of getaway may be nerve-racking. To make things easier the next time you’re going on an out-of-town trip or flying to another country, here’s a checklist of items you should not forget to pack in your bag:

1. Reusable water bottle. Exploring a different city means that you will be walking around the streets and taking public commute for hours. One of your best travel companions to keep you energized and hydrated during your adventures is a cool bottle of water. While you can always buy from convenience stores, it is recommended to bring your handy tumbler which you can always refill anytime for free.

2. Fully charged power bank. Almost everything needed to survive traveling is already in a smartphone such as maps, language translator, and currency calculator. So, imagine just how hard it would be if your phone’s battery drained. With a portable power bank in your bag, you can save yourself from emergencies by just plugging your gadget and charging it on the go.

3. Complete health kit. Whether you’re traveling within the country or to a new destination, it can be difficult to get treatment when an injury or illness happens. That’s why it’s always better to be prepared with your own kit, complete with medicines and basic first aid supplies including bandages and alcohol so you can immediately tend to any kind of emergency or accident.

4. Small travel bag. A luggage is needed to carry all your things to one destination; but when you’re already touring the city, you wouldn’t want to carry a big heavy bag. To truly enjoy and travel like a tourist, you should have an additional crossbody bag or purse which you can practically bring anywhere you go.

5. Widely-accepted credit card. While it is great to be prepared with cash when traveling, having a credit card is much more convenient and hassle-free for purchases locally and even abroad. With a credit card, you are free to shop and spend for the most rewarding and memorable experiences. Some banks even offer travel credit cards with amazing rewards such as points to fly for free for every purchase transaction!

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