Engineered Wood Flooring: A Cost-friendly Alternative to Solid Wood

I have envisioned my dream house to have solid wood flooring. I wanted a minimalist interior design and I feel that a wood flooring is already a design statement itself. It also gives a warm, luxurious feel and a timeless beauty that will appeal to people of all ages.

Taking the budget into consideration, I realized that solid wood flooring is an expensive investment. I could push through with the solid wood but I could not afford to have it installed in the entire house thus compromising the look I wanted for my new home. 

Searching for an alternative, my architect suggested the engineered wood flooring that looks very much like the solid wood but is more affordable. The top layer is made of real wood making it difficult to know the difference. The middle and the base are made of layers of softer wood material, therefore, making it cost-effective yet durable. 

In my previous house, I had wood laminate flooring installed in the bedrooms. When the air conditioning system leaked, the floor swelled up. This is a problem I do not wish to encounter ever again because it has caused me to shell out money. Engineered wood flooring is less likely to get damaged because of water or moisture. It is low maintenance and since it is made of real wood, you can always have it refinished to give it a brand new look.

Another cost-friendly benefit that my architect told me is the installation. He said that the tongue and groove of the engineered wood flooring are designed for the pieces to connect perfectly. The process of laying the floor is simpler and can save time and money. 

While we cannot always have what we initially planned for, there are options available that can still deliver the look and feel you want in your dream house.