REX 2019 Symphony of Learning Solutions: Designed for the Whole Child


Great design always leaves an impression, and at a time when digital technologies transform our daily lives in so many ways, impressions always last. In fact, impressions have become a way of measuring the various ways with which the public interacts with platforms. Effective and functional design, when paired with strategic scalable implementation, defines the success of a product or project.

In the state of the education industry today, supplements to the learning journey have been developed to accommodate the needs of the young learner in relation to the impact of Industry 4.0. Digitalization has become a foremost need, and decision-makers in the industry are continuously transforming how they address this new set of needs.

REX's symphony of learning solutions is designed with three working principles: an integrative approach that facilitates intricacies with easily understandable workflows, a cohesive and intuitive philosophy toward user experience that enables young learners to easily comprehend and manage information, and a cogently designed and developed suite of outcomes-based solutions that incorporate the Whole Child Approach's methodology.

These principles are what set REX apart, ensuring that every young learner's experience is not merely confined to the digital and virtual, but is rooted and blended with real factors, factual data that they can learn from instinctively. Through these principles, REX's suite of learning solutions help enable every learner to become globally competitive and successful on their own terms.

This means that, at the core of REX's design philosophy for its learning solutions, the vision is to create a comprehensive learning experience, one that prioritizes the learner and contextualizes the learner's needs, collaborating with all stakeholders of education by fostering an open and communal bond between the individual learner and the community they are in. With this in mind, REX hopes that its initiatives will help ensure that today's young learners become safe, healthy, challenged, supported, and engaged.

From providing core learning materials to supplementary materials, to digitally-aided instruction and learning to assessment tools; with programs for educator enablement and experiential learning, REX's campaign for the Whole Child is embodied in its development of learning solutions for the Filipino learner, strategically engaging learners through state-of-the-art approaches and concepts.

From research and ideation to sustaining function and user interaction in the execution phase, REX's learning solutions are geared towards progressive approaches to assessment and research, with the purpose of sustaining learning goals for students through performance analysis, examinations and evaluations, deriving insights from test results, as well as continuous development of instruction methods through guided intervention programs.

REX is the Philippines' leading provider of innovative learning solutions. For more than 69 years, REX has been at the forefront of the industry, serving and transforming the education sector toward global competency, answering to the challenges of the 21st Century and addressing the gaps in our nation’s readiness for the full impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, working with a commitment to excellence and a passion for forward-thinking.

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