Sm Aura Premier Phoenix-inspired Christmas Display Unveiled


I've been passing by the shrouded Christmas installations the past few days at SM Aura Premier and wondering what's underneath the black cloth. Last year's Safari in the City was too majestic to outshine. I arrived hours early for last night's much-awaited Christmas tree lighting ceremony and I just can't help but smile when I saw the gigantic phoenix and the pink, blue, and golden hues. All the elements I love at SM Aura Premier's Christmas display!

SM Aura Premier's Christmas Celebration started with a festive circus performances of international and local acrobats, jugglers, and aeralists.

My childhood memories of watching circus performances with my parents during Christmas came flooding back. Nothing beats the excitement of experiencing live action.

The 33-ft Christmas tree was lighted to officially begin the Christmas celebration and for the customers to enjoy until January 7, 2020.

Flight of Lights

"Faith is a bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark." - Rabindranath Tagore

"Aviary" is an interactive shadow-play installation that celebrates the amazing ability of humans to constantly rise and be reborn. The installation uses AI to recognize a person's hand gestures which magically translates the movement into a myriad of colorful digital sequences.  

Located by the Christmas tree centerpiece, the golden bird cage is open for the public to experience an interactive light show. 

Another light display is at the Skypark where visitors can marvel at the swing sets which glow in vivid colors. Surrounding the swing sets are moving lights that mimic fireflies. 

The two interactive light displays are made possible in partnership with Huawei Mobile Philippines.  The Flight of Lights displays are open to the public for FREE until January 7, 2020.

Aside from the festive Christmas installations all over the mall, SM Aura Premier treats its customers to a harp exhibit by HarpRoom on November 22-24 at the main entrance. Guests can also enjoy listening to the chorale performances on December 1 and 8. For the kids, Letters to Santa Claus Workshop will be on December 6 and 7, and the Meet and Greet with Santa is on December 24 and 25.

Experience Christmas in Festive Splendour at SM Aura Premier. To know more about the upcoming events, follow @SMAuraPremier on Facebook and Instagram.