What your business loses by not investing in UX design

User design or UX (user experience) design, is the process that allows you to get to know your users and design your product or service with them in mind. This design process has the customer at the forefront and involves things such as branding, design, usability, and function. 

Products that can provide a great user experience can do so across all aspects of the users' experience. Things that UX design has to include are the users' motivation for using a product, as well as the functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics of the product.

There are several key reasons companies need to invest in UX design, from the increase in sales to the avoidance of product failure. And this is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of successfully setting up and running a business. 

Increase in sales

The increase in sales and market share is perhaps the most attractive part of investing in UX design. The value of the return is, of course, the number one factor to consider when investing in products and services for your business. All successful companies invest in user experience as a way to increase their sales. If you want to increase your KPI’s, and overall customer satisfaction (and of course sales) the evidence all points to investing in your UX design. Companies with the highest investment in UX and design experience better overall growth of their company. With sites that are easy to use and navigate users are less likely to be disengaged, and more likely to complete sales. 

Less time spent on web development

Instead of wasting time and money on constant web development, UX design will be able to weed out any existing problems before web developers are required to step in further down the line to sort something out that could have been prevented in the initial stages of development. 

Customer loyalty

Studies suggest that customer experience will overtake prices and products within the next three years. This is because satisfied customers always return, and tend to recommend positive experiences to family and friends. You will gain more word of mouth referrals which will positively impact your business.

Decreased bounce rates

Not knowing why people are bouncing from your site can be very frustrating. Part of the UX design process is determining the reasons behind people leaving your site. The quality of experience can certainly be one of the main reasons people leave, and weeding out the reasons people are leaving will allow you to keep people on-site and convert them into a sale. 

Avoid product failure and cost of redesign

Focusing on the user in the design process and investing in user research software will lessen the risk of product failure and the cost of redesign. It is better to test before sooner than later so that you can see any potential flaws that you need to rework or even re-design completely.

Despite the increasing power and influence that lies with the consumer, certain businesses are failing to see the enormous potential of investing in UX design. The reality is, the quality of  experience can be the deciding factor between the success of the product and it’s failure.