Pfizer Philippines steps up Immunization Awareness with A Shot for Every Juan Campaign

The importance of immunization is put under the spotlight now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. As we celebrate World Immunization Week, it is a good opportunity to highlight the importance of protecting people from infectious diseases through vaccination in all stages of life, and how society can benefit as we collectively pursue this goal. The World Immunization Week celebrates one of the greatest medical breakthroughs and look towards the innovations that could transform millions of lives in the future. Pfizer Philippines invests its strong commitment to develop vaccines as its contribution to society, with its information campaign “A Shot for Every Juan” with the intention to raise awareness on the value of vaccination, educate the Filipino people on the importance of immunization and address the factors that create vaccine hesitancy among our countrymen.

“A Shot for Every Juan” aims to educate the Filipino people of how quickly emerging and new diseases can spread when there is no immunity against new pathogens or a vaccine to protect the people from those diseases. Pfizer Philippines remains committed to bridge the information gap on immunization and bring back the public’s trust through its information awareness campaign by delivering the message that vaccines help prevent disease in all age groups and can play an important role in significantly reducing the burden of serious infectious diseases and outbreaks.

Through this initiative, Pfizer Philippines intends to encourage health care providers, health care companies and organizations to work together to ensure that we have a framework in addressing possible future outbreaks – and we can start by protecting every Filipino through vaccination. Together let’s take a journey towards making a difference by getting vaccinated. We envision a Philippines that will give more attention to the value of immunization.