SAVVYS Online Palengke changes the way you shop groceries


SAVVYS Online Palengke

When the pandemic struck the country and safety measures were put in place, our activities have been limited. We are only allowed to shop for essentials and going to the market or grocery has become a tedious task. I have experienced queueing up for hours before finally getting inside the supermarket. I then started looking for a hassle-free way of shopping.

When the demand for online grocery started to rise, different companies started offering this kind of service.  SAVVYS ONLINE PALENGKE was established to meet the need of Filipinos for a reliable and efficient online grocery delivery that allows you to shop in the comfort of your home.

SAVVYS.PH is an online palengke and online grocery delivery service where you can buy fresh palengke items like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, grocery items, frozen food, baking supplies, household items, and many more. They have a wide array of items to choose from and all your daily essentials are available. They constantly update their website to increase their selection of items.

SAVVYS Online Palengke

Meats like pork, chicken, and beef come with different cuts and sizes to choose from. All common local kinds of seafood are available here and all fishes are cleaned for your convenience. Vegetables are fresh from their direct supplier and are inspected for any bruises and overripe items before shipping. You may find all your common grocery items at Savvys - condiments, spices, household items, etc. Also, if you love to bake, Savvys has all the baking ingredients that you need.

SAVVYS Online Palengke

Savvys is created in light of the pandemic. One of the goals of Savvys is to be a complete online supermarket someday and to be accessible to every Filipino in the country. It aims to be a one-stop online shop for all your grocery needs and to ease up shopping during these trying times.


Ordering at Savvys is a breeze too, their website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Just browse their list of items, add to cart, checkout and wait for your delivery the next day. Their prices are pretty competitive and you can save a lot through their promos and freebies that they give out to their loyal customers. They even grant buy requests for items not found in their website saving you the hassle of going out. Cut off time is 8 pm for next day delivery. All items are fresh from the morning wet and dry market, inspected and handled delicately before packing to ensure high quality. They currently operate within Metro Manila but are looking to expand soon. 

You may visit their website at