What makes a good workout towel

Whether you have a gym membership or working out from home, saying active and achieving your fitness goals requires proper workout essentials. You must invest in a pair of shoes designed specifically for the workout you’ve chosen and an athletic apparel that has a lightweight feel and keeps moisture away from your body so you feel dry while you exercise. An essential that most of us don't give much thought when purchasing is a workout towel.

What makes a good workout towel?

Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels

It must be compact. No one wants to bring a big, heavy, and thick bath towel. What you need is a lightweight and compact workout towel that you can carry around while you workout and doesn't use much space in your gym bag. 

It must be anti-bacterial. You will be sweating a lot while you workout. The bacteria on your skin will mix with your sweat and then transferred to your workout towel. You must choose a fabric that has features anti-bacterial technology.

It must be odour-free. The stinky smell of sweat that stays even if you wash your workout towel is annoying and worrying. If it doesn't smell fresh, it means it isn't clean.

It must be double-sided. Make your workout towel multi-functional. You can use one side to dry off your sweat while the other side can serve as an added layer for your mat when you do floor exercises.

Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels

It must be Tesalate Australia Workout Towel.

Tesalate Australia is the number 1 choice for beach towels and with the introduction of their latest product, the Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels, a perfect companion in achieving your fitness goals.

Tesalate incorporates zinc as an antibacterial agent in the fabric. Compared with other substances such as silver and copper, the power of zinc-based additives provides broad spectrum antimicrobial protection to fabrics that are exposed to moisture such as sweat that can cause the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. Aside from odour build up resulting from these elements, exposure can also cause individuals with allergies some untoward health effects.

Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels

The Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels are available in fun and vibrant designs and they ship from Sydney to anywhere in the world. 

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