MVP Bossing 2020 Dr. Carl Balita shifts to digital learning


 Carl Balita

PLDT Enterprise has recently launched its MVP Bossing Awards campaign to inspire enterprises to rediscover and reinvent their businesses today to successfully thrive in the future. This year’s theme, “Rediscovery, Reinvention,” aims to convey a message of hope, and in recognition to and show appreciation for local business owners who are overcoming the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Instead of the usual awards night gathering, this year’s MVP Bossing now takes form as a digital campaign in deference to social events shifting to virtual space given the global health crisis. 

For aspiring MVP Bossing Dr. Carl Balita of the Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC), the pandemic, while it did catch him by surprise because of the challenges that faced him and his business, made him rethink about shifting his business to a digital space. 

“There were many realizations for this year, and one of them is that we never thought there were many opportunities offered due to the health crisis we all faced,” Dr. Carl Balita shares. 

With the imposed community quarantine measures, CBRC—the number one review center with 120 branches locally and internationally—saw the need to shift its review classes digitally. A long-standing partner of PLDT for several years, the fortified partnership between CBRC and PLDT strengthened the digital capacity of CBRC to enable students to continue their learnings despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

Dr. Carl Balita, CBRC’s founder and a multi-awarded entrepreneur and corporate trainer, says that the services that CBRC offers is beyond what is expected. “We have made available all our analog books into digital format, transforming them so that anyone has access to these materials.” He adds that “the shift to e-learning has left a positive impact to our many branches of CBRC nationwide, a decision we are glad we made.” 

If there is any learning, he, an educator for decades has realized from the pandemic is that “we also do service but we also have to be a good follower. It is no longer just about work, results, and outcomes, but also about the processes.” 

He says that the future is now flexible. “It is not about profit, but being more humane. It is also now about rediscovering one’s purpose. More importantly, the organization now has to repurpose.” 

Dr. Carl Balita admits that his greatest assets are the people around him. “You’re not doing this business alone. Do not take these challenges alone. I am fortunate to have people surrounding me who are my most cherished gifts. And others should realize that too. People around you will help you through.” 

Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups commends aspiring MVP Bossing Dr. Carl Balita. “When CBRC availed of PLDT’s BEYOND FIBER connectivity solutions, it was clearly an appreciation of the importance of going beyond in servicing CBRC’s students with quality classes without risking their health and safety,” he stated. “We remain committed in supporting the efforts of schools and learning institutions for e-Learning, and we applaud CBRC’s ongoing efforts for a virtual learning space.” 

CBRC is the first and only ISO certified company of its kind in the country. It has received multiple awards from the DTI and PFA—pushing it to become a brand leader with physical presence in almost all major cities in the Philippines. 

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