Top food creators on TikTok that will have you cooking in no time


Looking for quick and easy recipes to prepare at home? Check out these must-follow TikTok food creators for cooking inspiration. 

Whether you are a newbie cook or just need fresh ideas for meals to make at home, you can learn a lot from food creators on TikTok. Many of these creators have found the app's short form video format to be perfect for quick cooking tutorials, and so they are encouraged to post and share even more. 

Apart from easy to follow recipes for meals, snacks and drinks, TikTok food creators also share tutorials for basic cooking skills, kitchen hacks, and tried and tested tips. If you're wondering which are the best food accounts to follow on the app, why not start with the 10 most-followed creators in 2020? 

Based on the recently released TikTok Top 100 list, the three food creators who gained the most followers in 2020 are Forkspoonmanila, Bok Cabanting, and Cynthia Alambatin. Check out some of their videos below.

Learn how to make a quick and easy stir-fried beef and broccoli dish with Forkspoonmanila.

Bok Cabanting teaches followers how to prepare classic carbonara using traditional ingredients.

Here's something for the homebakers - An easy cookie recipe by Cynthia Alambatin.

Seven other food creators made it to the top 10 most-followed list on TikTok for 2020. They are:

When you follow these top TikTok food creators, you can improve your skills in the kitchen or even try a brand new dish each week to impress your family. Download the app on your iOS and Android devices today to get started.