The smart way to brighten up your home


Few places around the world celebrate Christmas like the Philippines. As early as September, Christmas songs fill the air, building excitement for the forthcoming holidays. For Pinoys, Christmas means much more than gift-giving. Most importantly, it’s a time for families to celebrate and share the joy of togetherness. 

To make your Christmas celebrations truly special, creating the right ambience is essential. Aside from parols and the twinkling strands that line our houses and Christmas trees, the lights we use in our homes can help enrich our holiday festivities. This is where having a smart lighting system can work wonders. 

Smart lighting can be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Now available in the Philippines, WiZ offers an affordable range of lights and accessories that you can easily set up and control by room and location. Here’s how having WiZ at home is a hassle-free way to help ensure your loved ones can enjoy and feel cozy at home:

Plug & Play: Simple and smart lighting for everyone. The WiZ Connected portfolio includes easy-to-install lights and accessories that enable consumers to instantly experience the perks of smart lighting. To enjoy the system, all you need to do is to screw in the new WiZ light and download the intuitive WiZ mobile app. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual protocol chips installed in the latest WiZ products, the pairing process is made easier and more reliable. Set the perfect light to study, create a cozy setting by mimicking a fireplace or candlelight, and synchronize lights with your daily schedule – all easily done through a vast range of modes on the WiZ app. 

Voice and Smart Accessories to easily manage lights. Even without using the app, managing your lights can be done through voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri shortcuts. To take your smart lighting experience a step further, smart accessories such as the universal WiZmote helps customize your favorite lighting modes for each room. For hands-free control even without Wi-Fi, the WiZ motion sensor turns on your lights to a predefined setting as you enter a room. And for more smart lighting magic, the WiZ smart plug instantly turns any light into a smart light – allowing for control through the WiZ app or remote. 

So many options, so little effort. The WiZ app’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive with an easy drag and drop system to manage lights and accessories. Just like bringing the sun cycle indoors, Circadian rhythm settings automatically choose the type of light depending on the time. You get cool, energetic light for productive mornings that gradually shifts to soft, warm light for relaxing evenings. These pre-set scenes and routines simplify daily living to help you find the perfect light for any moment. 

Give your guests control. Let your family members and guests experience the magic of smart lighting through the WiZ mobile app. Easily share access to the WiZ “home” function by downloading the app and entering the invitation code. By connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, your houseguests can enjoy control of the lights as well. 

The newest and coolest products. The launch of the WiZ ecosystem in the Philippines means that entry-level smart lighting will now be widely available, including multiple new WiZ products and accessories: 

1. Starter WiFi + Bluetooth kits are available from A60 bulbs up to LED strips. Kick off your WiZ journey and create your home ambiance of choice with 16 million colors to choose from as well as warm and cool light settings. Price starts at PHP 2,265

Purchase this Wi-Fi LEDStrip Starter Kit at

2. The WiZ full color strip extends yours LED strips at home with flexible light strips that stick to any surface you prefer. Price starts at PHP 895. Purchase this at

3. Smart Accessories such as the WiZmote and our new WiZ motion sensor make smart lighting systems even easier to control. Price starts at PHP 995.  

4. The WiZ LED full color downlight fits perfectly in your ceiling with hassle-free installation into existing recessed cans or pot lights. Price starts at PHP 895

For more information, product details and specifications, please visit WiZ is also available in all leading hardware stores and e-commerce partners including Shopee and Lazada.