10 Bathroom Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Through the decades, there have been a lot of various trends when it comes to interior design. The same thing goes with bathroom design. Luckily, there are bathroom design trends that never go out of style. Here are ten of them: 

All-white Bathroom 

An all-white bathroom will always be classical. This design trend is popular among those who want a minimalist or modern-looking bathroom. 

The white walls, tiles, and fixtures make the bathroom look clean. And since it's all white, you can spot the dirt with ease, making it easy for you to figure when it's time to clean your bathroom. 

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets 

There's something about wooden cabinets that makes any room look warm and cozy. 

This bathroom design trend will never go out of style since it works well with minimalist, luxurious, modern, or rustic design. Design-wise, wooden bathroom cabinets have many unique appearances. 

For instance, the Ipswich Bathroom Cabinet has a European or American countryside vibe to it. Thus, it gives your bathroom a fresh and romantic look. 

Cool Blues and Greens 

These color scheme will give your bathroom cool and calm surroundings. 

This bathroom trend is popular when it comes to people who are going for a spa-like bathroom. The cool blues and greens add a relaxing sensation when you're taking a bath after a long day. 

You can also place some plants to compliment the surrounding. 


Scones were first made back in the 17th century. Nonetheless, you can see scones light up various spaces in a house. 

With its elegant design, these classic lightings are timeless. You can place them almost anywhere inside your bathroom, and it will still look fancy. 

The Elevation Single Wall Scone has an elegant look that can match any bathroom design. This is one reason wall scones will never look outdated. 

Frameless Shower Doors 

These frameless shower doors were a fad in the '70s with its unique aesthetic design. Moreover, it can make the bathroom look spacious. 

Usually, having a glass shower door requires constant cleaning. This is to avoid water spots. However, a frameless shower door gives you one less thing to clean. And with the absence of a step-over curb, it would be easy for elders and people with disabilities to access the shower. 

Rain-head Showers 

Rain-head showers are still trendy, even up to this day. 

With its luxurious design, these shower heads are popular among people with a spa-like and luxurious bathroom. It also gives a relaxing sensation while taking a shower, unlike regular showerheads that just provide you with water directly to your face. Rain-head showers also have more expansive coverage. 

When you're looking for a rain-head shower, you might consider getting the Beitou Showerhead. This showerhead has an effortless and calming water flow that helps the user relax, and it has an effortless flow of water. 

Marble Vanity 

Even in 2020, marble vanities are still trendy. 

There's no doubt that they look luxurious. Whether inside the hotel, spa, or bathroom, you're likely to find a marble vanity. 

Marble vanities are easy to clean and affordable despite its elegant appearance. They are heat resistant durable, and it's made to last for decades. 

Subway Tile 

Subway tiles started around more than a century. Although subway tiles began as a trend for kitchens, it made its way for bathrooms. 

This trend is popular among DIY and home builders. It's also popular with minimalist and contemporary bathroom style. 

Subway tiles have their advantages. For example, white subway tiles have a reflective surface that bounces back the light and can help brighten your bathroom. Another advantage is that they are low maintenance. 

Free-standing Bathtub 

With its classy and elegant style, you can never go wrong having a free-standing bathtub. 

This timeless bathtub style has been gaining popularity again from many homeowners. And no matter what its design is, it will still look luxurious. Just take a look at the Abrazo Freestanding Lithocast Bath. It has a stellar design with outstanding innovation to create a premium look. 

And since free-standing bathtubs are made with cast iron, it can keep your bath water warm longer. 

Black and White 

This color palette will never go out of style no matter what year it is. 

With its timeless color combination, your bathroom will always look fresh and classy. That's because it offers a zen-like vibe that allows you to achieve inner peace while in the bathroom. The cool part about a black-and-white bathroom is that its neutral colors will work well with many colorful items. 

If you're into minimalist style, don't be afraid to go with an all-white bathroom design. That's because this style will never go out of trend. From wooden bathroom cabinets to marble vanity, these fixtures can complement various types. Whether you're into an all-white, black and white, or even blue and green, your bathroom won't be outdated.