Bounce back with these foolproof ways to start the year


We all just can't wait for 2020 to be over to have a new beginning and countless opportunities to bounce back from a challenging year. It’s just the time to look into 4 foolproof ways to start the New Year afresh.

1. Tech up this New Year. Coming from 2020, people will continue to look for tech tools that help ease their lives. Invest in gadgets that will help you throughout the year. An air purifier is key to help feel safe and healthy, and many are considering an electronic scooter to solve public transportation woes, air fryers and Instapots to make healthy and time-saving food choices, and the latests gaming gadgets to provide breaks from WFH stress.

2. Make healthier choices. Time to get rid of that quarantine bod! Aside from working out, a great way to start is to watch what you eat every day. For instance, fill up on fiber, eat whole foods, and ditch the added sugar – keep these in mind when grocery shopping. Get a bike. Or if you prefer, one of those smaller treadmills that fold up and stay out of sight in condos and tight spaces. For sure, a yoga mat and weights for online lessons. 

3. Prioritize safety and wellness. Many are optimistic about 2021. But the pandemic isn’t over yet! Be sure to stock up on safety essentials, which you can easily get at Watsons at any SM mall or via Surely you don’t want to be caught running out of alcohol, masks, shields and UV sanitizing gadgets! Aside from that, make sure to visit your go-to health hubs for much-needed medical appointments, especially during these crazy times. It’s always good to have a medical baseline before dieting or going into a new eating or exercise program. Many health and wellness centers are also conveniently located in wellness zones at SM Malls.

4. Do what makes you happy. This year, delve into activities that spark joy. A Passion Project is an essential! Picking up a new hobby keeps you busy and helps you cope with the stress. Edit your home, make it conducive for work, baking or kids’ lessons! Start being a plantito or a plantita, because seeing your hands’ work grow gives hope and a sense of accomplishment. Yes, the list goes on and you can get all of these passion essentials at your community SM Mall.

The New Year offers countless opportunities to bounce back from the challenges of 2020. With a promising year ahead, SM is here to help with its Fresh Start Sale, featuring the best deals and promos until January 10. Whatever you may need – from safety essentials to hobby supplies – SM has got it all for you to start the New Year on a high note!

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