From buying a house to investing in a retirement/leisure home, one real estate developer passed my checklist


Nearly eight years ago, my husband and I took a loan to buy a house. It was not an easy decision, nor was it easy on our budget (even until now) but we knew it was the right thing to do as we have decided to grow our family. 

We are now in our 40s and ready to take another leap. As we also love going to out of town trips to relax and bond with our kids, sometimes even including our extended families, we decided it is time to invest in a condotel or leisure home. 

Instead of buying timeshares which entitles you to free stays at hotels/resorts you can never own, why not purchase a condotel, which eventually will be under our name. We thought it’s a win-win for our family because we also need a passive income. 

The condotel will not only be our home away from home, it will also be a source of sustainable income for our family. (Hello Airbnb!) 

We were inspired by a neighbor, a returning OFW, who had earlier decided to buy a unit at Tagaytay Clifton Resort Suites, a very nice leisure home located in Metro Tagaytay. The condotel is being developed by CitiGlobal Realty and Development Inc. We live in the south so I would often see their billboards in SLEX. 

I am, however, not the type who will be swayed by influencers or endorsers, much more billboards so I did my own research. After all, the amount that we are shelling out isn’t cheap. The first on my checklist was: Do they have all the proper documents from the HLURB. These include the Certificate of Registration and License to Sell. 

So basically, the Certificate of Registration is a pre-requisite to having a License to Sell and says that you are reputable company, financially stable, and are capable of completing a safe and sound structure. The latter, well, is self-explanatory. 

The second on my checklist is a bit personal, as I had to ask myself, is this for my family? Do I see my family in this place? No question, it is a beautiful development – from the brochures to the model units but as I consider my home as a sanctuary, does it also give off the same vibe? 

So far, there are already two checks on my checklist. Third on my checklist is: Do they walk the talk? Luckily, Citiglobal is not one of those fly-by-night developers, who will promise you low rates but will actually scam you and take away your money.

As everything is now online, CitiGlobal is keeping its unit owners abreast with construction developments in both of its projects especially the Tagaytay Clifton Resort Suites. Click below for updates on Building 2 of Cypress.

Not bad for a developer hit by the pandemic right? 

Last on my checklist, and again, this is quite personal is I go for companies that are not all about making money but also about helping Filipinos fulfill their dreams. And I salute this developer for giving our hardworking OFWs an equal opportunity to also invest in leisure properties. 

My husband and I are excited to make this investment.