Heart invites women to #FeelTheLuxeDifference with Kotex Luxe’s new packaging


In our attempt to make the most out of the new normal, finding and adding beauty in regular things have become the norm. As the season continues to motivate us to set higher standards of self-love for ourselves, spending a little extra to #FeelTheLuxeDifference can be a very rewarding experience.

Striking the perfect balance between form and function, Kotex introduces its NEW drawstring bag packaging to make our red days a most chic yet effortless experience. It’s protective, reusable, and too fashionable not to flaunt! Paired with the pads’ silky soft bubble bed, it’s the gold standard of self-love during red days: less friction, gentle skin protection, and luxurious skin comfort.

Self-love advocate and Kotex endorser Heart Evangelista weighs in on the importance of subtle changes as a reflection of how we can love ourselves more. “It’s the small choices, the little tweaks we make in our lives, that inevitably reflect how we feel and care for ourselves. With Kotex’s new packaging, our pads are stylishly and properly kept in handy while we can be confident that we can experience luxurious skin comfort when we need it,“ the actress remarks. 

Who are we to argue? As women, it is our right and responsibility to make ourselves feel our best, period or not. Follow the Kotex Philippines Facebook page to stay updated on latest announcements and updates. #FeelTheLuxeDifference and check out Kotex Luxe now!