Sarah Geronimo shares rainy day must-haves


For a young homemaker like Sarah Geronimo, it is essential to have the right appli-ances to help her manage the household. Sarah has shared that she is new to home-making, so she is thankful to have found a partner in Hanabishi Appliances to help her with the chores that she likes to do herself. 

“Mas madali ang trabaho kung mayroon kang ka-partner na tutulong sa’yo (Chores are easier if you have a partner to help you),” she said. 

As the rainy season has set in, she revealed the appliances that she can’t do without. 

Washing Machine and Dryer 

“Natutunan ko na importanteng labahan agad ang mga damit na nabasa sa ulan at agad din itong patuyuin para maiwasan ang masamang amoy (I have learned that clothes that have been soaked wet in rain should be washed immediately and also dried so they wouldn’t smell bad),” Sarah said. 

Hanabishi Appliances has a variety of washing machine and dryer models -- from single to twin tub washing machines, spin dryers to automatic top-load washing machines. 

Electric Griller and Hotpot 

Sarah confesses to having a heartier appetite when the weather is cold. Now that she’s a homemaker, she takes time out to prepare meals. For healthier dishes, she grills sea-food and vegetables and also prepares soups with the help of the Hanabishi’s Hotpot BBQ Griller. 

It comes in two models -- the HHOTPOTBBQ100 and the HHOTPOTBBQ200. Both are easy to use and easy to clean. They can be used not just fro grilling and as a hotpot, but for frying and soup-making as well. The former has a dimension of 460x400x180mm while the latter is bigger with a dimension of 620x425x178mm. 

Air Purifier and Sterilization Lamp 

“Kapag maulan, mas prone tayo sa sakit, importante sa akin na malinis palagi ang bahay (We are prone to sickness during the rainy season, so it’s important for me to keep the house clean),” Sarah said. 

Hanabishi’s Air Purifier has been a must-have for the young homemaker since the pan-demic started. It has a 4-in-1 HEPA filter and runs on plasma ion technology. 

“It really helps keep the air clean in our rooms,” Sarah said, adding that it’s great that the product comes with an air quality indicator and air filter indicator. 

For areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, Sarah relies on Hanabishi’s portable UVC sterilization lamp (HUVC50). It helps kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses, and re-moves odor and dust particles. 

Dishwasher and Sterilizer 

“It’s very practical to have a dishwasher and dish sterilizer nowadays,” Sarah said. “Hindi lang mas madaling maghugas at magpatuyo ng plato, nakatutulong din para siguradong malinis sila (Not only is washing and drying dishes easier, they also ensure that the dishes are really clean).” 

Hanabishi offers different types of dishwashers and sterilizers to suit your need and budget. You can check them out at

"Homemakers, especially new ones like me, are really thankful that we now have products that can make our chores easier,” Sarah said.