5 valuable tips on how to be a content creator from today's top Pinoy online celebrities


how to be a content creator

It might seem simple and easy but creating content and dealing with hordes of online followers require a lot of work, passion, and dedication. 

This is the core of the messages at Baicon Infest 2021, an online event powered by Smart that gathered some of today's top online celebrities to dish out valuable tips and inspire others to level up their own journey as content creators. 

Whether you're into vlogging on YouTube, sharing viral memes on Facebook, curating stunning images on Instagram, or creating fun and trendy content on TikTok, here are some important lessons and insights to keep your channel growing. 

Create content for the right reasons

Success in the digital content space is a by-product of a combination of different factors. The most important among them, according to top content creators, is Purpose. “Ask yourself why you’re doing it and decide if it’s right for you,” says pioneer food and culture content creator Erwan Heussaff.

Knowing your purpose and sticking to it can help you find direction in making content and establish your identity and branding in the long run. But how do you find your purpose?

Jeffrey Crawford, Jr., a.k.a. Daddy Blink Gaming, recommends rooting your content on people instead of statistics. “Stream for the viewers, not for the views,” he says. For Boyet Ahmee, husband of actress Dimples Romana, leaving his comfort zone outside the spotlight was a decision he had to make for the benefit of his audience. “I told him, ‘If not for you, do it for the families who might be looking [for inspiration].’ You know some dads think that, ‘I’m a dad, I shouldn’t be showing my emotion. I’m a dad, I shouldn’t be out there as much as the whole family is.’ But times have changed. Masarap kasing panoorin kapag yung tatay nakikita mo na he’s open sa relationship niya with the wife and kids. Nakaka-inspire in the sense na pwede pala yon na mas expressive yung tatay at mga husbands natin,” says Dimples.

Be authentic

Cliche as it sounds, “showing your true self” in front of the camera is another vital factor in content creation. “Some people think that the quality of your video or investing in a good camera is the most important thing when you’re starting out as a content creator; but what you really need is to be authentic,” says Ryan Reyes a.k.a. Ninong Ry, who found success in his cooking videos that also showcased his straightforward and funny personality that made him more relatable to his followers.

Stay focused

Most content creators would find themselves feeling discouraged when video views don’t automatically follow their enthusiasm. For this, VisMin content creators Joseph Sabello a.k.a. El Isog, and Ariexia 'Rex' Quilinderino a.k.a. Gandang Morenx, advise to just keep creating content despite all odds.

“Keep doing what you want to do. It’s never really about the views. Don’t cave into the pressure of numbers,” says Nana. “Huwag kayong titigil. Just do your thing,” adds El Isog. “Alam ko nakakatakot magsimula, pero walang ibang mag-aangat sa sarili natin kundi tayo lang din, so believe in yourself. If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before. Don’t let fear dominate you. Success is worth the wait,” says Gandang Morenx.

Be an advocate of kindness and respect

Social media is a melting pot of information, and it is inevitable for differing opinions about certain topics to clash at some point. No matter where you stand on certain issues that affect society, as a content creator with the power to influence your followers, you must choose to be an example of how to properly conduct oneself while interacting with people. “Respect begets respect. If we respect other people, we will also gain respect. Begin with self-respect and people will reciprocate that respect,” says Congresswoman Geraldine Roman.

Put your skills and tech to good use

Musician Barbie Almalbis has one sound advice for aspiring creators: “You have all the tools now, you have all the time so [go for your dream]. The only thing we can do now is be faithful with our gifts and just do the hard work, and hone your skills. Kasi yung doors [of opportunity] hindi natin mape-predict kung kelan magkakaroon ng open doors. Pero magkakaroon yan. Ang maganda don ay handa ka pagdating ng open door. Ready ka na, nakapag-practice ka na. You can’t control these open doors but you can control being faithful to the gifts that you have.” 

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