Budget-friendly home makeover ideas and where to shop this 11.11 Big Christmas Sale on Shopee


Budget-friendly home makeover ideas

Have you been planning to give your home a makeover but you are on a tight budget? There are easy and inexpensive way to create a brand new look in your home. You can start by choosing one room in the house you wish to upgrade. It can be the bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen. Here are some budget-friendly home makeover ideas and where to shop for big discount this 11.11 Big Christmas Sale on Shopee.

Budget-friendly home makeover ideas

Does the paint on the wall looks outdated? Ditch that boring plain wall and opt for a patterned wallpaper. This is a project you can enjoy doing. 

IDA Wallpaper has a variety of European designed PVC wallpaper you can choose from. Available in 10m x 45 cm, it is already self-adhesive and doesn't require any tools to install. It is waterproof, mold-proof, and moisture-proof. 

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Budget-friendly home makeover ideas

Installing new floors can get messy and of course expensive. One way to spruce up the floor is by adding a soft, fluffy rug. This makeover hack applies both the the living room and bedroom. Make the floor rug your accent piece. Choose a color the complement the existing furniture. 

Mini Home Textiles has high quality non-slip floor carpets made with environmental-friendly dyes. The vibrant color will bring life to your room. It is easy to clean either by water, vacuum cleaner, or dry clean. Sizes available are 80x120, 80x160, and 150x180.

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The kitchen is probably the part of your house with the most pieces of items you can find. It can be overwhelming so let's start with the simplest and most used -- the drinking glass.  Double layer glass mug is popular among #budol groups. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, double layer glasses are more durable and heat resistant.

Hawaii Home has different sizes of double layer glass mug. It comes in 80ml, 250ml., 350ml., and 450ml.  You can also choose one with bamboo cover, with or without handle, or even a heart-shaped mug.

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