A world of post-pandemic job opportunities opens for Filipino healthcare professionals

healthcare professional job opportunities

Filipino medical staff can now access and apply for coveted global health care roles with the launch of TrueProfile.io Jobs, the latest addition to the blockchain-powered career platform for healthcare workers where they access and apply for coveted global healthcare roles from leading healthcare employers and recruiters quickly and easily. 

As one of the most severely impacted industries in the post-pandemic world, medical recruiters, employers, recruiters, hospitals and clinics have amplified their hiring efforts on a global scale. To accommodate the growing requirement for qualified medical staff in order to continue to dampen the spread of COVID-19 and provide continued patient care throughout all departments, industry recruitment leaders have invested in a partnership with TrueProfile.io to secure quality healthcare talent. 

We are already handling different roles for the biggest healthcare groups throughout the GCC and the UK, so there are a huge range of opportunities awaiting ambitious healthcare talent. For medical staff in the Philippines who are currently seeking a new opportunity, TrueProfile.io has simplified the complex process for applying for international job vacancies. Applicants can apply via a simple interface which highlights key information including salary, experience and required qualifications. TrueProfile.io Members are the first to be notified of relevant job opportunities, putting them firmly on the radar of international employers. 

To streamline the hiring process further, TrueProfile.io and their recruiting partners take care of the process from start to finish. From the first application, TrueProfile.io will guide each applicant to ensure they have the correct documents, credentials and regulatory requirements in order to avoid any delays, allowing staff to start their new roles as soon as possible. Filipino job seekers can further benefit from an existing partnership that TrueProfile.io has with a local recruiting agency to assist with the relocation, local regulations and pastoral care throughout their contract. 

Aside from the latest addition of TrueProfile.io Jobs, the TrueProfile.io platform provides a multitude of career tools and services for healthcare staff in one place including verification, licensing services, training, a free digital CV which can be viewed by recruiters and an abundance of career resources. 

If you are a job seeker within the healthcare field, join 300,00 other healthcare professionals who use TrueProfile.io to further their career prospects!