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Milk is an important source of protein, fat, calcium and other vitamins essential for growing children. Give your pre-schooler and school-age children the nutritional advantage of drinking milk with NIDO 3+ and NIDO 5+ that you can buy up to 23% discount on Shopee this coming 12.12 Big Christmas Sale.

NIDO® 3+ Powdered Milk Drink For Pre-Schoolers Above 3 Years Old

For your pre-schooler, the NIDO®, 3+ is a growing up milk specially formulated for the nutritional needs of kids above 3 years old. The New NIDO®, 3+ is now improved with NutriTods, a scientific program specially designed by experts to address the growing up needs of Filipino toddlers &, preschoolers.

The new NIDO 3+ has no added sucrose or table sugar! It is the only milk that contains LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS®, with L. Rhamnosus, which is scientifically proven to support your child&rsquo,s respiratory defenses and helps protect them against pathogens in the upper respiratory tract, which causes frequent coughs and colds. It also contains nutrients like DHA, LA &, ALA for the brain, PREBIO3®, fiber for digestion, and other essential vitamins and minerals that support your child&rsquo,s Overall Growth Development &, Immunity (Vitamins, A, B, C, D, E, Iron, Selenium &, Zinc).

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NIDO® 5+ Powdered Milk Drink For Children Above 5 Years Old

For your school-age child aged above 5 years old, NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 5+ is a powdered milk with LACTOBACILLUS ADVANCED PROTECTUS®, DHA, PREBIO3 and other essential vitamins, minerals. 
  • With Lactobacillus Protectus, which now contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus, that may help support defense in the upper respiratory tract.
  • With Prebio 3, a unique dietary fiber that helps support a healthy digestive system.
  • With Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins A and C, which are nutrients that help support your child's immunity.
  • With Zinc, Vitamins A, B, and D, which are nutrients that promote growth and development.
  • With DHA, which is a building block of the brain.

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