How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Sink for You


kohler kitchen sink

Before you choose a kitchen sink, you must first know what you need to buy. This is to avoid any future regrets.

In this guide, let us share with you the different types of kitchen sinks and whether they suit your kitchen or not.

Self-rimming Kitchen Sink

The most common kitchen sink installation is the self-rimming kitchen sink. That's because you only need to drop the sink into the designated space on the counter. However, you should ensure that the rolled, rimmed edge of the sink is sitting on top of the counter.


● It is easy to install. No skills are required.
● It is very affordable.
● It can be used in almost any countertop material.


● The sink is separated by the rim, which some homeowners dislike.
● The caulked edge of the rim needs to be cleaned regularly.
● The rim of the sink prevents you from cleaning the water and the debris from the counter.

kohler executive self-rimming kitchen sink

Most of the self-rimming kitchen sink is made of cast iron and has s-trap pipe like the Executive Self-rimming Kitchen Sink.

Apron-front Kitchen Sink

You can install a farmhouse or apron-front kitchen sink in a few steps. That is if you can buy the right one for you. All you need to do is follow the installation guide in the manual.

Apron-front kitchen sinks are commonly used in rustic or farmhouse kitchens because of their vintage look.


● They are easy to clean.
● It is very durable
● Very stylish and aesthetic.


● It can get strained and potentially get chipped.
● You might need to adjust your countertop.
● It has the potential to break your dishes more efficiently.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount kitchen sinks are installed directly under the counter, creating a seamless look.

If you're looking for an under-mount kitchen sink, you may want to check the Poise Undermount Kitchen Sink. It features a stainless steel finish and a medium-to-large bowl.

It also features exceptional sound absorption, decreasing the noise you make when washing the dishes and from the running water.


● It's easy to clean since there's no raised edge on top of the counter that collects food and debris.
● This type of kitchen sink is very versatile and customizable. 
● It can give you more counter space.


● It isn't straightforward to install.
● Not all countertop works well with this type of sink.
● This type of sink is hard to replace.

Tile-in Kitchen Sink

When installing a tile-in kitchen sink, you need to attach the sink clip at the counter's underside. You can do this by positioning the clip of the head of the machine bolt pointing down.

Next is to screw the upper end of the bolt into the treated insert and then move the outer ends of the clips away from the side of the countertop opening.

As soon as you are done, look for an arrow that points outward. Start working below the countertop and fit the rim against the underside. You can adjust the sink from side to side if necessary, to swivel to each side of the edge. Then tighten the bolts.

Once you're done, align the sink's back and front to the edge of the countertop opening from the top. Lastly, tighten the bolts below the sink clips at each side. You can install additional clips at the remaining threaded inserts, then swivel the clips under the rim and make sure that the bolts are tight.


● It's designed for a tiled kitchen countertop.
● It has a square rim with a flat edge with a thickness of a tile.
● It has a clean look like an under-mounted sink.


● This can only be installed on ceramic or tile countertops. 
● Challenging to install.
● It doesn't mount on the underside of a counter.

Top-mount Kitchen Sink

Top-mount or drop-in kitchen sinks are so easy to install, you can do it yourself. All it needs is to place the sink in the hole to ensure that everything would fit perfectly.

Remove the sink for a while to put a silicone sealant around the sinkhole, then seal the rim against leaks and moisture. Then put back the sink and firmly press it into the sealant.

Tighten a mounting clip on the sink's underside, then wipe the excess sealant around the rim. Give the silicone sealant at least 24 hours to dry.


● It's affordable
● It's easy to install.
● It can work well with any countertop materials.


● The gap between the counter and the rim can collect dirt, making it hard to clean.
● The edge can take up the working space on the counter.
● The countertop becomes harder to clean since the edge forms a barrier around the opening of the sink.

kennon all-in-one single basin

If you're looking for a perfect drop-in sink, consider the Kennon All-in-One Single Basin NeorocSink Combo. It has a pull-down faucet with a soap dispenser and a sink strainer. 

Choosing a kitchen sink is one of the essential parts of kitchen remodeling. So, when getting a new sink, you must first know what type of kitchen sink would be perfect for you.