Where to experience authentic Lucban Pancit Habhab in Marikina


My mom's hometown is Lucban. Me and my sisters spent every summer there. One thing that truly amazes me until now is that Lucbanin never get tired of eating pancit habhab. You'll find  pancit habhab vendor in almost every street. The farmers have it for breakfast before heading to the farm. My relatives always prepare it whenever we arrive from Manila. Always. And then we would have it everyday until we go back to Manila. The last time I travelled to Lucban was before the lockdown. Whenever I miss sinukmani, pancit habhab, or espasol, I would contact Hometown Goodies and Services. But nothing can replace the experience of eating Lucban Pancit Habhab the way it should be eaten... HABHAB-style.

@tiktokniroselle You don't have to go to Lucban to experience authentic Pancit Habhab. Just visit Bistro Marahuyo in Marikina or order online from @Ms.ArmiPaz #pancithabhab #pancithabhablucban ♬ Memories - Lux-Inspira

Now I don't have to travel all the way to Lucban to experience authentic Pancit Habhab because a Lucbanin has already brought it to Marikina!

The pandemic has changed the lives of so many people. It has also created new opportunities. Gerry has spent decades aboard the cruise ship. A very talented saxophonist, he is equally skillful in the kitchen. He came up with Bistro Marahuyo. The ancient Filipino word Marahuyo means enchantment or to be enchanted. And I was totally enchanted when I visited.

Lucban Pancit Habhab in Marikina

The Pancit Habhab is served on banana leaves just like how I remember growing up. Don't ever ask for a fork because HABHAB is the way to eat it! And don't forget to add vinegar! Solo order is only 40 Pesos.

The perfect pair to Pancit Habhab is sinukmani or more commonly known as biko. Love coffee? It's the best gastronomic "love triangle". 

If you are not into kakain (or feels guilty with too much carbs), Bistro Marahuyo also offers Egg Tart and Buko Pie. 

My new favorite is the Aglio Olio topped with Lucban Longganisa. There's just too much flavor and my tastebuds rejoiced the first time I tasted this. I also drizzled this with vinegar (you might find me weird but it's worth a try!) and paired with Garlic Pesto Bread. A single order costs 90 Pesos only. 

Are you ready to take the Lucban Pancit Habhab challenge? 

Bistro Marahuyo is located at 14 H Roxas St. San Roque, Marikina City.  It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm. Live music and jamming every Friday. You can also reserve the place for private intimate gathering.