Visual artist holds on-the-spot painting session at Mang Inasal

While the rest of the world are used to doing "foodfies" (food selfies) to share online about their favorite food, Bocaray-based visual artist Eric Egualada made netizens smile as he showed a unique way to express love for Mang Inasal -- through live painting.

In a recent trip to Mang Inasal Festive Walk Iloilo, Egualada did an on-the-spot painting session, sketching his “Ihaw-Sarap“ favorite Chicken Inasal, Palabok, and Extra Creamy Halo-Halo.

“The simplicity of my on-the-spot painting of Mang Inasal food during my short vacation has gained a wider audience from their store at Festive Mall Iloilo City," shared Egualada. " In humility, Mang Inasal has encouraged me to be a better promoter of anything my heart and soul desires. Thank you for the opportunity to showcase my simple gift.”

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