This International women’s month, mWell bolsters doctor roster with OB-Gynecologists, family physicians and mind health experts


Empowers doctors with the new mWellMD app

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s (MPIC) mWell, the country’s first and only health and wellness mega app, further strengthens its line-up of partner-doctors for its mission to bring healthcare closer to Filipinos especially women who are the primary health guardians of the family.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, mWell has tied up with Kalusugan ng Kababaihang Pangkabayanan, Inc (KnKPInc), a group that safeguards the well-being of marginalized Filipino women in the countryside. Working with member OB-GYNs, mWell shall provide free online consultation for women as part of KnKPInc’s medical mission this March. 

Aside from providing quality healthcare to women in the countryside, the collaboration also aims to help raise awareness on issues such as reproductive rights, gender equality and abuse against women. 

“Being a woman, a mother and having a daughter, I am fully committed to empowering women through mWell’s holistic approach to health and wellness. Recognizing the crucial role that women play in nation-building, mWell shall ensure that women receive access to doctors, a daily health tracker, fitness programs and healthy recipes—all within the mWell app. We are here to ensure good health and well-being of all women in every step of the wellness journey by providing the tools needed for improved productivity in the various roles they play,” said mWell President and CEO and MPIC Chief Finance, Risk, and Sustainability Officer Chaye Cabal-Revilla.

“We are honored to partner with mWell in promoting women’s health and empowerment. Through our medical missions, we can help underprivileged and marginalized Filipino women who still suffer from inadequate access to quality healthcare. Becoming part of the mWell ecosystem will greatly help in KnKPInc’s mission to address the delays in preventive care and disease management for women in the countryside,” said Dr.Connie Pijuan-Alfiler , Chairman and Founder of KnKPInc.

mWell welcomes mind health experts from YMP Lead

As a fully integrated, fully digital platform, mWell has also partnered with YMP Lead to strengthen its roster of mind health experts. Kicking off the partnership, free mind health consultations were provided to mWell app users to promote self-love as part of mWell’s Love For Wellness campaign. Recognizing the need to help ease anxiety and sadness especially during the Valentine season, mWell gifted app users with a health pass code which they can use to consult with psychologists from YMP Lead.

Asked about their consultation experience, MP, RPsy, RMPm Riyan Portuguez, founder of YMP Lead says, “As a practitioner, everything I need can be found in the app with just one click. It's easier for me to check my appointments and to have easy access to teleconsultation. I also really love the fact that it has automated coding for a specific diagnosis, and we can fill out and sign our abstracts after consultations. It's so convenient to use!”

”The mWell app is user friendly, easy to navigate, and multiple notifications (via email, text message, and the app itself) is helpful. Also, clinicians can input consultation notes and select coding for specific diagnosis. Overall, I love the app,” said Rachell Anne Castro, MA, RPsy, RPm.

After her consultations via mWell, Marry Jane Sioson, MP, RPm, RPsy said “The app allows both the clinician and the patient stay up to date with their session schedule via email and SMS. This feature helps a lot especially on organizing and setting us reminders amidst our busy schedules. Medical notes are easy to access and user friendly. High regards to the technical team who are quick to respond.”

Enabling doctors to go fully digital via the new mWellMD app

To better respond to the fast-paced lifestyle of doctors, mWell empowers all its partner-doctors to go fully digital by creating the new mWellMD app—a virtual clinic designed by doctors, for doctors. It allows them to easily manage schedules and patient records and be notified of upcoming patient schedules. Built with the doctor experience in mind, it provides a seamless experience from sign-up to consultation. The mWellMD app enables doctors to conveniently serve patients anytime, anywhere with its fully digital features. Recognizing their fast-paced lifestyle, mWellMD allows doctors to attend to patients on their mobile phone, wherever they may be, 24/7. It is loaded with tools that will allow doctors to manage their practice-- from patient records, consults, billings, and professional fees. They can even communicate with their staff and refer patients to other doctors. Practice data and patient data are accessible anytime, anywhere. With just a click of a button on mobile, they can utilize an efficient appointment booking system for their online clinics and conveniently do online consultation for patients who are using the mWell app. Soon, enhanced features and a wider range of tools will be made available for doctors via mWellMD Advanced.

mWell was recently recognized as the Best Mobile Innovation for Digital Life in the 2023 Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards, held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. It is the only healthcare app among the convenor organizations and supporting companies of the GoDigital Pilipinas (GDP) movement.

As part of the MPIC Group, mWell is committed to work towards the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being. It also supports the MVP Group’s Gabay Kalusugan advocacy focusing on quality and affordable healthcare.