Filipinos are traveling for longer, enjoying immersive travel


Gone are the days of rushed vacations and packed itineraries, as Filipinos seek slower, more meaningful travel experiences. With bookings for long-term stays on Airbnb growing more than 2.5x year-on-year in 2022, it's clear that Filipino travelers are embracing the digital nomad lifestyle and staying in one place for longer periods.

Take it from Liezl Sophia Jose, winner of Airbnb’s Fly and Live Anywhere contest, as she chronicles her travel experience, tips, and lessons learned from her family's month-long adventure around the country. 

Finding a home away from home

Two long years of being confined at home during the pandemic left Liezl and her family longing for a chance to unwind and explore new horizons. Winning The Fly and Live Anywhere campaign felt like destiny — and offered them the perfect opportunity to discover off-the-beaten-path destinations they had always dreamed of visiting, and to create new memories together. 

"An adventure doesn’t always have to be in far-flung regions or the most popular destinations, because there are so many choices in our beautiful islands. Some natural wonders are practically in our backyards,” Liezl shared.

Are you an Airbnb first-time renter? Here are some tips 

During the course of their month-long adventure, the family explored Dumaguete, Boracay, Cagayan de Oro. They rediscovered the rural charm and local food scene of different cities, stunning beaches and sunsets, and enjoyed a spot of adrenaline-filled whitewater rafting. They also took road trips to Rizal and Batangas, where they enjoyed the picturesque natural scenery and countryside.

For Liezl and her family, the contest was not only a chance to travel again, but a chance to embrace a new way of life. As they explored the country’s hidden gems, the family discovered the joys of living like a digital nomad as they worked and took remote school from anywhere.

A guide for modern travelers

Here are Liezl’s top tips for anyone planning a multi-city adventure: 

  • For those booking longer stays, search for Airbnb Stays with reliable WiFi connection and essentials like drinking water, bathroom essentials, and kitchen amenities like a microwave oven and coffee maker. These small things really help make you feel like you’re living in a home away from home!
  • If you intend to experience local culture in your destination city, markets are always a good starting point – by walking around you get to explore the neighborhood and learn more about the local food, people, language, and lifestyle. 
  • Travel light and triple-check airlines and airport transfers in case a schedule change happens at the last minute. 
  • Finally, put the phone down every so often. Take your time. Immerse in your surroundings. Respect the locals. Breathe the fresh air. Soak in the view. Hug a tree. Bathe in the sun’s rays. Be grateful!

For Liezl, the month-long getaway with her loved ones allowed her to pause, reset and enjoy life as it comes, "No two sunsets are the same. Each one is different. Yet, it comes from the same sun. It doesn't matter where we are; we belong anywhere we choose to make our home for the day."

Start planning your own adventure today!