UNIQLO launches LifeWear magazine Issue 09 Modern Layering

Uniqlo Lifewear Magazine

The magazine will be available from August 25

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of the 2023 Fall/Winter issue of LifeWear magazine (Issue 09) on Friday, August 25. LifeWear magazine is a free publication that expresses the UNIQLO LifeWear philosophy of making the everyday lives of people better and more comfortable. The theme of Issue 09 for Fall/Winter is “Modern Layering,” and the issue focuses on the role of layering clothing – exploring the limitless fashion potential that comes from adeptly combining basic items.

Takahiro Kinoshita, Fast Retailing Group Executive Vice President and Creative Director, commented: 

“Every item of UNIQLO clothing has a very simple design that can be easily worn by anyone. But depending on how items are combined, I think that it is clothing with infinite possibilities. Clothing does not have character on its own, but clothes bring out the individuality of the wearer. That’s why how you wear clothing is so important. In this issue of LifeWear magazine, we focus on layering. We introduce chic color layering centered on the gray and navy that is trending this fall, along with functional layered styles using HEATTECH, which this year marks 20 years since its release, as well as Ultra Light Down. This issue has us eagerly awaiting cooler weather for us to enjoy layering.”

Overview of LifeWear magazine Issue 09 2023 (Fall/Winter)

Magazine: A4 modified size, 116 pages, bilingual Japanese and English.
Distributed for free in 25 markets worldwide in 12 languages.
Main distribution locations: UNIQLO stores throughout the Philippines
Includes exclusive content only available on the website.

Main Contents of the 2023 Fall/Winter Issue

Milan: Layers of Style

Milan is one of the inspirations for this season's apparel creations. In this city where the classic and modern coexist, we arranged a fashion shoot focusing on layering: layered shirts, blends of casual and dressy, tonal outfits, and the occasional splash of vivid color. A modern style born from free thinking.

Modern Essentials from Copenhagen

Copenhagen was another source of inspiration for the collection. We focus on the modern essentials of people living in a city that embodies sophisticated design and food culture. This section presents a minimalist layered style centered on grayish tones and dark colors.

Women at Work

UNIQLO : C 2023 Fall & Winter Collection

British culture magazine The Gentlewoman highlights UNIQLO's new “UNIQLO : C” women’s collection by Clare Waight Keller. Featuring emerging London artist Sahara Longe, this photo spread conveys the charm of the collection’s "special everyday wear" from a unique perspective.

Hello, Ichiro

Interview with Ichiro Suzuki

Baseball superstar Ichiro, whose accomplishments over the years have delighted and thrilled fans, launched ICHIRO POST with UNIQLO in 2022. In this feature, our editorial department joined a youth baseball program that connected the legend through a single letter, We pitch Ichiro 17 questions about baseball, fashion, and what’s next following his retirement.

Unique Clothing

Episode 05 HEATTECH

HEATTECH, launched in 2003, marks its 20th anniversary this year. We recount the hidden story of the revolutionary product that changed the way the world dresses in winter, and visit a manufacturing base in Bangladesh to uncover the secrets of its reliable quality. This feature highlights the appeal of HEATTECH, which has expanded beyond the boundaries of innerwear to become an item enjoyed as everyday fashion.